Hi members!

I've been away for ages, no secret there, on vacation over summer and I didn't find much time to be on here in that time.

Right before I vanished I was looking into ways to get more users onto the wiki. I tripped over a way to do this by getting featured on the main ikia site. This would mean millions of users looking at this wiki every single day-there ought to be a couple that decide to join us.

When I went to request the featuring I was told by the admin in control of that that, in order for this to happen, the wiki would have to become more friendly to first-time users, in essence simple enough for an autistic monkey to understand. To do this, it was suggested that there be an array on links on the main page to take a user to various important locations in an instant, as in the game pages, equipment pages, monster pages and et cetera. I was also told that the main page would have to be unprotected and for the stubs on this wiki to be limited to around 25% of articles. This will mainly pertain to just going around the pages and un-stubbing them, as most of the stubs are currently mis-labelled. I will begin going about and introducing these changes, but as it is a large task it will take me several weeks, so some help from anyone else with spare time would be much appreciated.


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