Hey everyone, and welcome to Sage's monthly update! This is a post that will hopefully come out on a monthly basis and is a general update on where the wiki is, where the wiki is going, where we want the wiki to go and what we're doing about it. So, let's get into it!

Long-term Goals

So, where do we want to get? Well, below I've made a start on where I think we should be aiming for long-term.

1. Featuring the wiki. Featuring the wiki is an all-round benefit, as it advertises us on WIkia Central, which receives millions of visitors per day. To do this, we need to a) Have an accessible main page, which due to the efforts of Ellis99 we now have, and b) Cut down the number of stubs to 770 and the maximum.

2. Ressurecting the wiki chat. The wiki chat is a valuable tool, not just for recreation, but for co-ordinating Wiki efforts. It also provides a friendly starting point for new users.

3. Bringing to life the forums. The forum is a valuable tool to Wikis, as it allows for recreational discussion of wiki affairs as well as just general life things, like pokemon like life stuff i don't have a life.

Short-term Goals

So, what are we doing to achieve there goals? I've tried to outline what I believe would be a good start below.

1. Cut the stubs down by 50. It's a start, and it's manageable. There are some articles floating around on the wiki that are unfixable without serious help, but on the other hand there are some that are long enough, and just need the tag removed. I believe that we can have this done by the end of May. Even one person could do this alone, just by taking on five articles a day.

2. To ressurect the chat, all we need to do is to just be on there. If you're on the wiki, have the chat page open and just flick over there every five minutes. This doesn't require any work, only for some effort. Come on, people, just do it!

3. The forums are going to be a bit harder to ressurect than the chat, but it's worth a shot. I can't really set a goal for the community's creativity, but perhaps just try to express some sort of creativity on there, drawings, fanfiction, anything really.

Well, that's all from me!

  • Disclaimer-The author is not the King(e) of the wiki, and thus doesn't own it, as such the above post is only the opinion of the said author.


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