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Please leave me a message if I can help with anything. Enjoy your time at Dragon Quest Wiki!

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Info box issues

(Copied from personal talk page)

Let’s deal with this one issue at a time. In both cases, portable information boxes are recommended. By all means, you are welcome to fix the game article. As to the second issue, I would suggest converting that box anyway simply because there’s a lot of stuff that still needs to be converted. I think we have a couple of guys that might be able to restore the aesthetics while still keeping it compliant. Swordzmanp236 (talk) 22:06, January 2, 2020 (UTC)

You already know how this works...

Welcome to the team. You should see some new stuff on your top control panel. Use it well, and don’t forget to introduce yourself to the other members. Stop in and say hello to Macdawg, Frostare, and The IT 15 if you want. Other than that, you do you. Thanks again for your work on the media pages. I’ll be here if you need something. Swordzmanp236 (talk) 00:35, February 16, 2020 (UTC)

Miss Stars and...

...you're gonna be seeing stars! That'll be this Monday or Tuesday, so don't leave it hanging. Swordzmanp236 (talk) 00:57, February 22, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks! Oh! And I didn't forget it, it's just I'm focusing my attention first on spinoff series that don't have a proper category the way Heroes didn't, like Monster Battle Road and Itadaki Street, before adding them to the navigation menu. But I certainly could've missed it before the release date. So, once again, thank you. Jfgslo (talk) 01:28, February 22, 2020 (UTC)

Itadaki Street vs Fortune Street

I once researched this series for FFWiki, and here's what I was able to dig up at the time:

  • Wikipedia just calls it Fortune Street, even though several titles remain un-localized.
  • Only two titles were aver released in the West, of which we've covered Fortune Street Wii. The other Western release was Fortune Street Smart.
  • There was an Itadaki Street Mobile as well, but the DQ stuff was added later than FF. It went defunct in 2018.

Seems you've got most everything else. Good luck fleshing things out. Swordzmanp236 (talk) 06:14, February 23, 2020 (UTC)

Mmm, very interesting. I'll think I'll research the topic a little before dealing with this issue. I favor Wikipedia's approach to call it Fortune Street since it's a more common name and more memorable for English-speaking users than Itadaki Street, so I lean towards creating a category called "Fortune Street series" instead of "Itadaki Street series". I'll see how it goes. Thanks for the tip!--Jfgslo (talk) 02:22, February 24, 2020 (UTC)

Dragon Quest of the Stars

Hi, I'm have been playing Dragon Quest Of The Stars and I wanted to help fill the lack of information for the game. I did 3 sandbox to show how it could look for the [Main Page](right now it looks ugly, it was only to show what was the main idea for the page) .How it should look for the [Event Page] and the [Equipment Page] I talked about it with Swordzmanp236 and he told me you could be helpful in this quest. I'm going to put everything that I was thinking could be usefull afterwards tell what you think is doable and what you think is impossible could take too much time to implement

My idea is having as shown on the Main page that I (poorly) did a portal where you could go to: -Current event (It would be great to have like a timer that says how much left there is in the event) In The event page something like I did where you could put all the infos about the levels (I didn't put the missions and the Missions rewards because I didn't find a way to put it cleanly for each level...) -Current Summons (with the same timer and a page with the Featured equipment you could get in the summon) -Equipment Pages (where there could be a section DQS where we could see the stats and the skills and maybe the results if you evolve the equipment)

Some stuff that would be helpful is a tooltips but for the image where you have an icon of the item and when you hover over it you see the image in his 3D version (like in the picture that I put for the equipment Page )

Tell me how could I help you in a way or another. Thank you for your time NaujAtsituab (talk) 23:43, March 5, 2020 (UTC)

Everything that you propose is possible. I've imported w:c:dev:Countdown and w:c:dev:Tooltips so you can implement them in your drafts. You ideas are quite good. Let's work on making your draft fully functional as you envision it and then will import it to the main article.
For "events" and "equipment summon", I'd suggest subsections in the main article called "Events" and Equipment that links to a subpage dedicated to them with {{Main}}. The subpages should be located at Dragon Quest of the Stars/Events and at Dragon Quest of the Stars/Equipment summon. Below the link, we can use the slider galleries that you used, we just need to put them below the "Development" section. I suggest working on the layout to create them ASAP and put them to use immediately since the events are currently ongoing. We can later work on refining the tooltips and the countdown, but I'd like to have them functional ASAP so that players of the game can use that information now, so I want to link them in the main wiki page.
For the moment, focus on finishing "Events" and "Equipment Summon" to move it from draft to live. If they are all currently correct, put them in the links I mentioned above and let me know to feature them in the front page of the wiki. We can later work on the extra formatting. --Jfgslo (talk) 16:42, March 6, 2020 (UTC)
Thank I'm going to finish the pages right now (one of them is already finish I will send you a message when the two of the are good)
for the Dragon Quest of the Stars/Events if I understand what you said is to put all the events in a single subpages or making a page for each event?
Also, do you know a way to get the data of the game "easy"? (Because I'm not a whale I don't have all the equipments and it is going to be better than taking pictures of my phone all the time...)NaujAtsituab (talk) 17:33, March 6, 2020 (UTC)
Regarding Dragon Quest of the Stars/Events, that's correct, it will be a list of all events, past and current, in a single page, essentially, what you did in User:NaujAtsituab/MainSandbox in the "Event Timeline" section. In that list, each event will have it's own page, for example Defeat the Dragonlord! (DQotS event). That way, the main article will have the four more recent events in the slider gallery, it will link to the event sub page and the even subpage will have a link to each event. Also, we can feature the current event in the front page of the wiki.
I know not if there is a way to get the data of the game in an easier manner, but I'll try to look for it. I'll let you know if I find a way. --Jfgslo (talk) 18:00, March 6, 2020 (UTC)
I did all the pages for Dragon Quest of the Stars/Events and Dragon Quest of the Stars/Equipment summon (still didn't found the database so I took pictures from my phone)NaujAtsituab (talk) 20:01, March 6, 2020 (UTC)
I've implemented the events in the wiki frontpage with a slideshow gallery at the top of the right column. While I've not found a resource like you are looking, you could try asking on Reddit if you are registered there. If not, I found these Japanese websites that have what you're looking for about equipment data: https://game8.jp/games/426 https://gameunion.jp/hoshidora/equip/ You'll have to deal with the language yourself, though.--Jfgslo (talk) 05:07, March 7, 2020 (UTC)

Those slot monsters you mentioned are for the Monsters series. Starting in Joker 2, the monsters are classified on how much space it could take up in a team. It could be either a one sized slot, two, three or even four. The IT 15 (talk) 04:37, March 20, 2020 (UTC)

Patch heads-up

Thought I'd put this under here because it pertains to Dragon Quest of the Stars. Apparently, there is a problem with the latest patch and additions to the game that are causing some people a whole lot of headache. In some cases, it may be unplayable. And it's apparently generating a lot of useless data in players' mass storage online, which is causing headaches for automatic backups. I can't confirm whether it's an official bug, but it is quite the annoyance. Swordzmanp236 (talk) 23:51, March 26, 2020 (UTC)


I plan on sorting out the episodes for "LHA". I don't think links should be linked to Wikipedia, instead use what we have by creating pages on such articles, like TV Tokyo and others. Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:13, March 26, 2020 (UTC)

Take a look at what Pokémon Wiki do when it comes to pages. Ellis99 VII & VIII 10:15, March 26, 2020 (UTC)
With regards to sorting the episodes of Legend of Hero Abel with "LHA", I personally prefer having the pages named with the translated episode title and only use {{DEFAULTSORT:LHA<episode number>}} internally for sorting purposes within categories. I've seen how Pokémon Wiki does it and I don't like it one bit because it's redundant and assumes that everyone know what the initialism means, which only helps when episodes have the same name in different series, but, when that happens, it's better to add the series name between parentheses. But I leave it up to you. No one else seems to be working in these articles, and I prefer to see them improved than left as they are now.
Disagree with the links. The purview of this Wiki is Dragon Quest, so its focus must be only on topics that are directly germane to Dragon Quest. TV Tokyo, voice actors, companies and other tangentially related topics are better covered by other wikis, for example, Nintendo consoles by Nintendo Wiki, PlayStation consoles by PlayStation Wiki and so on. That's the whole point of the Interwiki map, and Fandom's encouragement to use Interwiki links. Users are free to create pages of such topics, but I will not encourage their use if other wikis cover them in more depth and detail, because it distracts from focusing on what's important to this wiki, which is Dragon Quest.
Bulbapedia can do whatever it wants since it has a massive user base, but this wiki doesn't. Note how Pokémon Wiki's TV Tokyo article remains a stub despite being created in 2017. Compare it to Wikipedia's article. Even Animanga wiki's article merely regurgitates what Wikipedia has. So, no, I don't support creating pages for such topics. I won't stop users from creating them, but I will not link to them if they aren't significantly better than in other Wikis and I will not encourage their creation because this is the Dragon Quest wiki, whose focus is Dragon Quest, not other topics.--Jfgslo (talk) 18:40, March 26, 2020 (UTC)
I know a user who'll upload the images from the eps., which will improve them. TPG is a user who'll do this and is expanding such articles like TV Tokyo. I disagree with the use of Wikipedia because it can be seen as lazy in using the world's largest Wikipedia. Ellis99 VII & VIII 18:54, March 26, 2020 (UTC)
What's lazy is focusing on articles not-related to Dragon Quest in a Dragon Quest wiki. It makes zero sense to create pages about topics that are covered in much more detail elsewhere. It's asinine to create an article about the PC98 just because the original Dragon Quest has a port in that system. It's best to link instead to Wikipedia (because it's the Wiki with the most complete information about the PC98 in English) and focus that attention into expanding the original game article by explaining the differences of this port from others.
Editors are free to create such articles if they want, but this activity will not be encouraged in this wiki for the foreseeable future. I personally encourage the use of Fandom or other wikis from the Interwiki map, only using Wikipedia when none of them have better coverage of the desired topic that's unrelated to Dragon Quest. --Jfgslo (talk) 02:20, March 27, 2020 (UTC)

Arch chimaera or Archimaera?

You probably have seen the new article for this monster. Even as a non-native english speaker, I know that "Ark kimera" isn't exactly the intended meaning for the monster's japanese name; it's clear that they were going for the "higher position" prefix as seen in "archdemon/archdaemon" and "archangel". Problem is, "archchimera" just looks... aberrant. So I want your opinion in this, what would be a better name from the ones in the title? I've seen both being used, albeit scarcely, for other entertainment media monsters. Frostare (talk) 17:00, April 11, 2020 (UTC)

Reception sections

Just wanted to bring to your attention that there is a rookie editor out there wanting to add reception sections to each of our games. This, I don't mind. Problem is, he's already taken a shellacking from one of our sister wikis. The review site he's quoting is not recognized by that wiki as a valid review aggregator, so I'm going to ask you to remove references to it if he does not come forward and do so first. Current or past review scores must be cited from established publications only, whether they be in print or online. Thank you for your attention. Swordzmanp236 (talk) 21:59, April 20, 2020 (UTC)

Quick job

Been a while, but I've been busy over at the Wiki of Mana with the new game on the loose. I could go into this big long story about how the game is so good, or even how it evokes Dragon Quest XI. But I won't. It breaks down to that I could use some temporary help over there. While I and a dozen others are furiously updating content, our homepage could use some help, please. So, if action RPG's are a thing for you (Zelda and the like), I'd like to invite you to come check it out. Looking forward to a visit, and then I can leave what I think should be done. Thanks for your time. Swordzmanp236 (talk) 21:10, April 29, 2020 (UTC)

Background change time?

Hello, I was thinking it's probably time we changed the Wiki's background to make it feel fresher and go with something that's more with the times. Dragon Quest of the Stars seems to be what's hot right now. What do you think? Do you have other ideas? Frostare (talk) 18:18, May 2, 2020 (UTC)

Agreed. I was thinking the same. In fact, I've slowed down my contributions due to playing Dragon Quest of the Stars incessantly to get the limited time items for DQ4. It's a great game that deserves attention because it's accessible for everyone (though a little verbose at the beginning), it's free and contains lots of stuff for hardcore fans of the series.--Jfgslo (talk) 18:31, May 2, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks for the heads-up! It'd be great for the wiki too to change sporadically into whatever the new game is, as well.Frostare (talk) 20:01, May 2, 2020 (UTC)

Background update process

Okay, Mr Administrator, here is how you do it. In your toolbox is a button marked "theme designer". At present, you can only use an image that is already on your device, so you're going to have to download the images that were left with you and shrink them so that they are under 250 KiB in size. Now, when you customize the theme, you tap the background image and use the button marked "upload". You can adjust how the image looks as you're doing that. Once you're finished, go ahead and click on the save button that you'll see on the right. That should apply the change for good. Thanks for writing. I'll be back when I can. Swordzmanp236 (talk) 05:28, May 9, 2020 (UTC)

Background change

I will gladly edit it! Frostare (talk) 18:12, May 9, 2020 (UTC)

Say, would you happen to have the previous background? I need it for references.Frostare (talk) 00:50, May 10, 2020 (UTC)

Never mind, it's done and I uploaded it already. =) Frostare (talk) 01:51, May 10, 2020 (UTC)

The background change looks great! Thanks. The IT 15 (talk) 01:41, May 10, 2020 (UTC)

You're welcome, glad you liked it! Next time, comment on my user page, alright? ;) Frostare (talk) 01:46, May 10, 2020 (UTC)

About DQotS tips

I really appreciate you uploaded those! Even the in-game instructions can get jarring, so this should definitely help newcomers and veterans. I'll go check them right now. Frostare (talk) 03:59, May 22, 2020 (UTC)

I’ll try to look for resources, but it’ll take time, mostly since I’m busy with animal crossing like the rest of the works. But I’ll see don’t worry. The IT 15 (talk) 20:48, May 30, 2020 (UTC)

Yes, I'll help with whatever I can. I'm not the best person to ask for english names, though , since I play the game in spanish, but if I just happen to know or find the resources and combos' names in english, I can copy them for all cases that apply. Otherwise, another user would have to leave in the blanks.Frostare (talk) 07:24, May 31, 2020 (UTC)


Hi, I just read your message on my talk page.

Sadly I don't know anyone else who plays the game but I completely understand why you don't want to continue playing it: I have little interest in it myself and thankfully I did not fall in its gambling aspect.

I will continue updating the wiki coverage of it as much as I can since I am mainly interested in their translations.RingoRoadagain (talk) 10:13, September 8, 2020 (UTC)

Transliterated names


I just thought about something regarding infoboxes: I noticed that the "transliterated name" field used by some is too long to fit on one line, at least on my desktop browser (for instance, the "Infobox character" template as seen here).

My suggestion is this: since what we are doing is a specific case of transliteration called romanisation maybe we could use the more precise term "romanised" instead or "transliterated" as it is shorter and also closer to the Japanese term "romaji" that those familiar with most manga/anime wikis are used to?

RingoRoadagain (talk) 10:50, 18 October 2020 (UTC)

thank you for your reply
Actually I noticed that it was the word "transliterated" itself which was broken. In the default desktop, I think it's the same for every users, it is displayed like this: (eg on Zenith Dragon)
That's why i suggested the shorter "romanised" term in its steadRingoRoadagain (talk) 19:15, 18 October 2020 (UTC)
Ok, I understand why we don't have the same outlook:
I usually use Firefox, in which "transliterated" is broken even with default 100% zoom, while in Chrome it is not (it's the first time I notice a difference between browsers with fandom wikis). Fandom supposedly supports both browsers according to their help page. Using 'romanised' could be a quick fix although it might be something worth reporting to fandom support I guess? (but I don't think it would be a high priority glitch to fix considering how busy they are with the current software update)RingoRoadagain (talk) 20:22, 18 October 2020 (UTC)

Anime episode numbering convention

I have a request from another moderator about the way in which we catalog episodes of Legend of the Hero Abel. He wants the format changed from "DQxxxx" to "LHAxxxx" to reduce confusion caused by the generic DQ prefix. If you and Ellis99 could somehow hash it out, much appreciated. I myself have no knowledge of how all that works. Anyway, I suggest youse two find sources with a similar convention in place before making your tweaks here. Swordzmanp236 (talk) 17:51, 23 October 2020 (UTC)

Actually, it's all episodes :) Ellis99 VII & VIII 18:16, 23 October 2020 (UTC)

I don't agree with that proposed format at all. As you both may have seen, the episodes of Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (2020 TV series) have been renamed to the format "The Adventure of Dai (2020) episode 1" like The Adventure of Dai (2020) episode 1, dropping the "Dragon Quest" part since it's redundant in this wiki. I'm planning to do the same with the original 1991 TV anime, but I've just finished doing the same with all chapter articles of the manga, so I'm taking my time and I certainly don't have Legend of the Hero Abel in my priorities at the moment.

However, I must express my disagreement with using any initialism for any kind of article titles. In this case, the name of the articles ought to be "Legend of the Hero Abel episode #" not "LHAxxxx" because those initialism have no meaning for people that are not familiar with the series in the first place. It's possible that you, Swordzmanp236, wouldn't even know that initialism if not for having to deal with this issue. We don't name the article for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 as DQMJ3 even though Dragon Quest fans know what that initialism means. So, I vehemently oppose to naming any kind of article with initialism since the wiki's purpose is to spread the joy of Dragon Quest to all types of people, not just hardcore fans. I don't care that much for filenames, but it's a big issue if article titles are not easily understandable to everyone.

Just as an example of how even animanga wikis don't use initialisms, see how the Dragon Ball wiki doesn't use initialisms for the titles of episode articles, as seen with episodes "Identities Revealed" from Dragon Ball Z and "Videl Battered! Gohan's Fury Reaches Its Limit!" from Dragon Ball Kai, which both cover the same manga content. The issue with Dragon Quest episodes is that only the 2020 TV series episodes have official English names. So, in order to standardize all Dragon Quest anime, it's better to use just "[series name] episode #". As an example, the One Piece wiki uses merely "Episode #" as the naming format as seen here and here even though they do have official English names. --Jfgslo (talk) 22:31, 23 October 2020 (UTC)

Sequencing TV shows in the States does get a bit strange. Some of the articles I've looked at on Wikipedia and other sources have no clear standard because production teams all have their different conventions. I'm not saying this kind of thing should be in an article's title, but for info boxes, navigation boxes, and tables, having an abbreviation there can come in handy. The most common convention is to use a four-digit code with the series/season as the first two digits, followed by the episode number as the last two (e.g. 0206 for Season 2, Episode 6). It seems more common for fans and journalists to write "S2 E6" or "S2 Ep. 6" in their documentation. So what I think we probably ought to do is this: IF the production code is given, THEN find a way to express it and a place to put it for those who want to have it. If we can't reach a consensus and frankly don't need the extra data, we table the issue until we're ready to apply it. Arguing over a standard that doesn't exist yet serves no purpose except to create more chaos for the casual reader. Good luck. Swordzmanp236 (talk) 00:06, 24 October 2020 (UTC)
I'm willing to make a compromise in which we implement the standard I propose, but keep the names that you are changing the episodes to as redirects. I would also propose the episode names also become redirects too for the pages. Ellis99 VII & VIII 13:32, 24 October 2020 (UTC)
I agree with Swordzmanp236's proposition for redirects (i.e. "Legend of the Hero Abel 01", "Legend of the Hero Abel 0101" or "Legend of the Hero Abel s1e1". I was always planning to leave the translated episode titles as redirects as well as the Japanese transliterations (Dai no Daiboken) and planned to implement the ones for the 2020 TV series as well. What I don't agree with are initialisms of the series name as article titles for the reasons that I've already stated. The only reason to have short redirects is when a media is widely known by its initials (i.e. DBZ for Dragon Ball Z, which isn't used in its own wiki either) which is not the case of any of the Dragon Quest animations or comics. I'm only willing to accept initialisms as redirects, but not as the main article titles, like the way we do with some of the games (DQI for Dragon Quest and so on). Jfgslo (talk) 03:41, 27 October 2020 (UTC)
I'll agree to that :) Ellis99 VII & VIII 11:30, 30 October 2020 (UTC)

Dragon Quest: Dai date style

Please leave the dates as United States style. It's easier to keep track of.

Says you, Mr. Unsigned. The reason we favor the European date style is that the majority of the game series is translated by Brits and not Americans. We're still looking to build a unified experience for all readers. Let me ask you this: have you ever seen the science-fiction series Doctor Who? The fan-driven wiki hosted here on Fandom is quite strict on using entirely British grammar, structure, and spelling. "WAAAAH! I'm Amewican! I can't undewstand Engwish dates!" A specious argument. It's the same language no matter how you frame it. It is we Americans who continually corrupt and warp the language as fits us. Don't ask me why. But we're not going to change policy for just one editor. So no. Swordzmanp236 (talk) 05:18, 24 October 2020 (UTC)
As Swordzmanp236 said, no, we won't leave dates in United States format. Please read Dragon Quest Wiki:Writing style, DranzerX13. --Jfgslo (talk) 03:58, 27 October 2020 (UTC)

Wiki representative


I'm the new Fandom wiki representative (formerly called wiki managers - there should be a blog post soon about the re-organization explaining more) on this wiki. Please let me know if you need anything. --Pcj (talk) 22:42, 15 February 2021 (UTC)

Putting policy up front

It's been some time. Our new liaison for Fandom Gaming (you might see him just above this) has requested that we put up a conduct policy for everyone to follow, new and vet alike. I think we have enough people around that know how to engage in a respectful way and therefore abide by an implicit code of conduct, BUT it needs to be accessible to anyone by 1 April. Here's what I told him.

what we'd like to do is create an environment here where every user from every background that happens to come here is well respected. Also, I believe that users should not have to feel as if keeping up with the latest should be a full-time job. The team I've put together thus far seems to enjoy writing and editing "for the love of the game (series)". I would think we want any other user to experience that as well.

basically, what I would want is a policy that outlines what to do if we happen to run across completely rotten conduct. Things like constant edit warring, harassing other users or staff members, inserting spam/vandalism/gobbledygook, or messing with the innards of the wiki in a way that's counterproductive. In and of itself, foul language is not enough for an immediate suspension, though it may well be censored. Personally, I draw the line when said language is directed at a specific person for no other reason than to disparage or antagonize.

come to think of it, we don't get a lot of that nasty behavior here, but it would be nice to have something in place for the rare occasions when we do run into a ne'er-do-well. There are at least four you can get additional input from, but I wish you best of luck in achieving the desired goals. Likely, this is the first time we've met, so thanks for your time. I'll be in touch.

If you can make it known to the other team members as well, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again for all your hard work. Let's try to come up with a draft in about a week. Swordzmanp236 (talk) 00:42, 5 March 2021 (UTC)

Conduct Policy

I think the policy is fine the way it is, but if I do think about having other ideas I’ll let you know. Overall, everything’s fine the way it is., and we’ll keep it that way until further notice. The IT 15 (talk) 20:42, 1 April 2021 (UTC)

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