Valeria is a major character in Dragon Quest X.


Valeria first appears after Pujyu's defeat and his unsealing of the demon realm with Kyronos's Shock seed. She effortlessly defeats the Hero before being attacked by Anlucia, Captain Spindle, and some Ogres, however, she gets help from her people, Goregoyles, Pruslases, Phalaris bulls, Mandrake militants, & Hippo kings, and holds off Anlucia, while her army captures the Ogres. However, Yushka throws a bomb, freeing the prisoners, and rescues the Hero in the confusion, forcing her to call off the attack and retreat, which her army does.


Valeria is cold and arrogant when she is first seen. However, over the course of the story, she opens up more and helps Yushka & the Hero get to the castle where Mausen lives to help the Hero regain his/her normal self.

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  • Valeria could be considered the female version of Psaro. Both have a hatred of humans, but are revered by monsters, both are the masters of their kind, both have a subordinate who later backstabs them (Aamon & Jair), both have tragic backstories, and both later help the Hero in their quest.
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