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"I have ssspent aeonsss alone in this accursssed mirror. Come, let usss ssstir up the dust!"
Valgirt, before its boss fight.

Valgirt is a boss monster in Dragon Quest Swords. He is one of several mirror bosses which are available after completing the main story of the game.


Valgirt has 3 heads which must each be fought separately during the first phase of the battle. After defeating each head, Valgirt's life bar will be refilled and the player must fight all 3 at once. Upon defeating them again, Valgirt will fall and submit to defeat.

Level rewards[]

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His name backwards is "Triglav". In Slovenian mythology, "Triglav" is a beast with three heads. "Tri" is 3, "glav" is head.


  • When the player challenges Valgirt for the first time, their dialogue will play but is skipped if the player rechallenges them after defeating them.
  • Valgirt and Valgirt Nedlog are the only bosses in Dragon Quest Swords to revive themselves midway into battle, though Nedlog doesn't revive himself during the Edahs' Sohpix rematches.
  • During their dialogue, one may notice that Valgrit has overlapping voices which are both male and female.
  • It's dialogue implies that it seeked The Hero out after the defeat of the other Mirror Bosses, which is supported by gameplay (because unlocking Valgirt requires you to defeat the first 3 mirror bosses except King Latem.)
  • Valgirt resembles King Ghidorah in that both characters are three headed dragons; this is even more blatant with Valgirt Nedlog who also shares Ghidorah's golden colour scheme.
  • When Valgirt grabs the hero with its tail, if the hero doesn't fight back to set himself free, its central head will eat him, causing the battle to be lost.

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