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Valgirt Nedlog is a boss monster in Dragon Quest Swords. He is one of 8 mirror bosses available after completing the main story of the game. Like the other mirror boss Valgirt, he is a member of the Hydra family of monsters.

Level rewards

For more information, see Level scoring in Dragon Quest Swords

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  • The name 'Valgirt Nedlog' is a play on words. 'Nedlog' spelled backwards is 'Golden', which describes Valgirt Nedlog's color. Valgirt spelled backwards is triglav, which means three headed; this was the actual name for a Slavic god.
  • When you fight Valgirt Nedlog, he has two phases. When he's fought as part of the Edahs 'Sohpix rematches, his first phase is skipped and you only fight the second phase.
  • Co-incidentally Valgirt Nedlog, GranDragn, Golden Dragon and Timewyrm are all superbosses who happen to be golden dragons.

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