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Venom Mist is a recurring breath attack in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest V[]

Making its debut as a stronger version of Poison Breath, it is used by Gasbags and Doom Sluggers to potentially envenomate their enemies, causing 1/6 poison damage. Walking corpses and Drag-goofs can learn this skill when they are recruited, as well as Fat rats in the remakes, costing 0 MP to use.

Dragon Quest VI[]

While it acts the same as in V, a more wider variety of monsters can use this foul breath, ranging from the Corpsickles, and the Grim Keeper, to others, like Walking corpses, Diethons, Devilmoths, Merkings, and Mortamor in his first forme. It can also be learned by advancing to Rank 2 of the Ranger vocation, with recruited Walking corpses once again learning the skill, though only in the SNES version.

Dragon Quest VII[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances, it is used by the Malign vine, Gasputin, Mossferatu, Gracos, Gracos V, Corpse corporals, Blightcrawlers, Gripevines, Merderers, Gourdzillas, and Orgodemir in his third forme, as well as Gracolytes, Ghouls, and Dark decanters in the 3DS remake. It can also be learned by advancing to Rank 3 of the Gripevine and Gigalumph vocations, as well as Rank 6 of the Monster Master in the PS1 version and Rank 7 of the same vocation in the 3DS remake.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

Now an enemy-only skill, it is used by Merkings, Killer moths, Dark moths, Toxic zombies, Hellspawns, Argon lizards, and the Emerald Dragon.

Dragon Quest IX[]

Once again an enemy-only skill, it is used by Jade dragons and Apeckalypses, as well as Diethons and Orgodemir once again.

Dragon Quest X[]

An enemy-only skill again, it is used by Grim Keepers, Venompedes, Hiptiles, Greenbones, Lumberin' Jacks, Minohuggins, King Hydra, Poison trills gone Vicious, Magic Beast, Mashouu, Gigantifungi when it has transformed into a Killerpillar, Devil Chief Jiggis, Basillus Keeper, and General Jamirus, as well as Corpse corporals, Toxic zombies, Smogbonnets, and Gracos V once again.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Acting the same as in past appearances, it is used by Toxic toads gone Vicious, Gnashturtiums, Bloodbonnets, Mothertoads, Grampogriff, and the Dud dude, as well as Diethons once again.

Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Series[]

Reappearing from Battle Road II onwards, it is the blue button skill of the Night clubber and Pruslas during his boss fight in Legend Quest IV Chapters 6/5 depending on the game, damaging all enemies while potentially poisoning them.

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