Villa Priores is a town in Dragon Quest VII. A cuboid village suspended in the skies above Aeolus Vale, it must be reached from the summit of Ventus Tower, on the southeastern peninsula of the island.


Long ago, the Cirrus tribe lived in Villa Priores, where they coexisted peacefully with the Wind Spirit. However, something happened that caused the Cirrus to split into two groups. One group decided to move to the world below, while the other group stayed behind. While this was happening, the Wind Spirit gave each group one of two gifts. While the Cirrus who moved to the world below received a sacred stone, the Cirrus who remained behind were given the Cirrus surplice.

In the present day, Orgodemir seals lands belonging to the Four Spirits in darkness. To restore the world to its rightful state, the Hero and his friends set out to wake the Spirits. Sir Mervyn has thus far guided them to Burnmont, wherein dwells the Fire Spirit. After subduing him, two more doors open in the Shrine of Mysteries. Taking the path of wind, the party travels from the Sanctum of the Cirrus to the Vale forthwith.

In their quest to wake the Wind Spirit, the party arrives moments before the mayor is set to speak regarding her "condition" and the state of the world. The party must then request her aid. Serafina, the only winged Cirrus in the present and the descendant of Fidelia, agrees to escort the party through the tower, driven also by her curiosity of her role in what will happen. At the summit, they are greeted by Fidelia's spirit, and are pulled skyward to the cubed village.

Speaking with a fallen Praetor, the five agree to clean his house in exchange for a key that will grant access to the building where the surplice is stored. After they retrieve it, he falls again, and requests another cleanup job. This time, the party is given the Aeolus Globe, which allows them to travel between Villa Priores and the entrance to Venus Tower.

Notable resident

  • Praetor of Villa Priores - Gives The Hero and Party the Multipleximus key after they clean up his room.


Villa priores is Latin, and means "town that came before".

Differences between releases

  • The layout of the cube has been simplified in the Nintendo 3DS version to make navigation easier than in the original PlayStation version.
  • The cleanup quests were changed between releases, as in the remake the player does not toss or reach inside objects to examine their contents. The original quest had the player picking up paper strewn about the room and throwing it away, where in the remake the player is smashing pots and barrels strewn about the same room.
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