The vocation system in Dragon Quest VI is composed of 18 vocations, divided by 9 basic vocations, 7 hybrid vocations and 2 secret vocations.

Unlocking Dharma

In order to become a vocation the Temple of Dharma must first be unlocked. This is done by defeating Murdaw in the Real World after first defeating Mudo in the Dream World. When that is done, the temple of Dharma is released and accessible in the Dream World.

Basic vocations

There are nine available vocations at the start:

A character can become any one of these vocations. These vocations are divided into eight tiers. Every time a character fights enough battles, a character goes up a tier in that vocation. Each tier teaches a character a skill or spell of that vocation. After the eighth tier, a vocation is mastered. A player can then choose a new vocation and repeat the process.

Hybrid vocations

These are the seven vocations available by mastering the basic vocations first.

  • Gladiator - Available after mastering the Warrior and Martial Artist vocations.
  • Paladin - Available after mastering the Martial Artist and Priest vocations
  • Sage - Available after mastering the Priest and Mage vocations
  • Luminary - Available after mastering the Gadabout and Dancer vocations
  • Ranger - Available after mastering the Merchant, Monster Master and Thief vocations
  • Armamentalist - Available after mastering the Warrior and Mage vocations
  • Hero - Available after mastering the Gladiator, Sage, and Luminary vocations. The Hero only needs to master one of these vocations to access this vocation.

Secret vocations

There are two vocations available through the use of a manual. Dragon (vocation) - Available with the Book of Dragons. Liquid Metal Slime (vocation) - Available with the Book of Babbles. Two of the optional party members, Lizzie and Mercury, both start off with the Dragon and Liquid Metal Slime vocations respectively.

The Fungeon

There is a bonus dungeon available in Alltrades Abbey called "The Fungeon". There is a room with 18 cauldrons, representing the 18 vocations. At the end of the room is a wall which opens up to the Fungeon. It is only accessible when the player has at least had all the vocations at the fifth tier of mastery. However, the Fungeon cannot be accessed until the game is beaten because the Book of Babbles' location is only shown in the end game's credits.

The player can lead their party against Nokturnus. Defeating this monster within 20 turns unlocks a new ending for the game.

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