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The wagon is a recurring vehicle in the Dragon Quest series that facilitates larger parties.


Since only four characters can be in the active "battle" party at one time, once the party grows to more than that the rest can wait in the wagon. Up to four characters can ride in the wagon. Where the wagon is available, the player can rearrange the party any time. The wagon is not typically available in caves, dungeons, or castles, preventing the player from having anything to fall back on if his characters run low and forcing him to make do with what he currently has at his disposal; however, some items such as the Baron's Bugle can summon it. Additional characters can be housed in Patty's Party Planning Place.

Usage in Games

Dragon Quest IV

The wagon in is to keep the players who aren't in your active party. They collect experience as normal as long as the wagon is present.

The wagon is obtained in Chapter 5 at the Last Chance Saloon after Hank Hoffman Jr. is given the Symbol of faith. He entrusts it to the care of The Hero & company after he leaves for Mintos.

Dragon Quest V

The wagon in Dragon Quest V allows monsters to be recruited. It also functions similarly to the wagon in Dragon Quest IV. Some large monsters (like Eyevory tusk-tusk) can force a party member back into the wagon, requiring them to be switched back out.

The wagon is obtained in the Curiosity Shop at Fortuna for 300 gold coins.

Dragon Quest VI

The wagon is obtained from an old man in Somnia after both The Hero & Carver find the wild horse, Peggy Sue, in a field west of the castle.

Dragon Quest VIII

The wagon is largely cosmetic, since the party never contains more than four characters. However, the wagon is King Trode's primary method of locomotion, pulled by Princess Medea, and houses the Alchemy Pot. Prince Charmles rides in the wagon at one point in the story.