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Character Creation[]

When you start your game, you will be able to create your character. Unlike older games, you can actually change the design. After you have done that, your sprite on the top screen will grow 2 wings and a halo. After a few seconds, you will see a cutscene, where someone says, "Hello? Is there anyone there? If you're there, say something. Show yourself. Thus do the voices of the mortals plead, ever hopeful of proof of our existence... For how long now have we watched over their realm..? For how long have we Celestrians existed?"

Angel Falls[]

You'll then see yet another cutscene in Angel Falls. Another Celestrian, Aquila, will say some things to you. He will then show you Erinn and her Grandfather walking to Angel Falls. Then, a Cruelcumber and two Slimes will jump out of a tree and hide behind a rock, waiting to ambush the two people. After the battle you will have to do many minor quests around the area to gain prayer.

To Battle![]

You will enter battle against the monsters. It shouldn't be too hard even though you're level 1, since Aquila is at level 20! He will attack and heal if he needs to. The Cruelcumber is tougher than the slimes, so I would suggest trying to knock out the slimes first. When you finish the battle, they will thank "the village Guardian (name)" and Aquila will tell you what benevollessence is.

The Observatory[]

You will fly above the clouds and reach the Observatory. Speak to Apus Major in the "throne room" of 2F. Then go outside and go up to L4. Speak to the tree and offer up the benevolessence. Once you have done so, Aquila will appear again. Now go back to Apus Major and talk to him. If you go back to floor 1, speak to the celestrian near the portal to return to the Protectorate (Angel Falls). You will land in the middle of the town and hear Ivor and Hugo talking about the statue.