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&nbsp So watch the intro and fight the cuccumber focus on the green guy. Then walk around the obsevatory and into the great hall feel free to explore before that though. talk to the old/bearded guy. then go to the ydragfissil tree and offer up the bennovleonsce. Then go down to clean out the stables follow the dog to the ring give it to the old lady in the church. Then go to the spirit, say yes when possible. then go back and offer up that bennovlensce. Then watch the scene.

Angel Falls(Yes you did)


Anyway play out the scene then explore then go over to the house and rest. In the morning find the posh kid and set off to the blockage. play out the scene. Then level up to when you learn heal then set off to the hexagon.

Explore the way then battle the beast it should be a cake walk with heal. watch the cutscene.


Journey to Stornway.Note you may want to fight the monsters to see the different types.

Any rest in the Questers Rest if its night then go into the palace and play out the scene with the king.Then set off thw Wight Knight has 298 life so be prepared talk to patty and make two party members i went with a warrior and preist lvl all members to lvl 10. Then take the bridge behind the town to the zere area. go forward into the clearing the wight knight will appear take him down then report back.

Zere and Brigadoom

Journey to Zere there you could buy some items restock and rest up m aybe Rez. Then talk to patty then leave play out the scene.go north to brigadoom and find your way to the throne room then beat the 600 life witch and report back.Then set off for coffinwell.


Enter the town first then go to the inn if night time then go the mayor.visit his daughter.then go to the doctor.