The Warrior is a blade expert.
Dragon Quest VII

The Warrior is a vocation in the Dragon Quest series.

Warriors typically have high HP, Strength, and Vitality stats, but low Agility. They also have no magical ability whatsoever. The Warrior is most useful in "full-out" brawls, when the only chance to defeat monsters is to knock them out as fast as possible, before they have the chance to knock the player out.


Main games

Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest VI

Stat Changes
Strength +10%
Agility -35%
Wisdom -30%
Max. HP +10%
Max. MP -60%

Battles Needed
1 Ruffian - 1
2 Skirmisher Psyche Up 10
3 Swashbuckler - 20
4 Veteran Double-Edged Slash 35
5 Captain Mercurial Thrust 55
6 Expert Fencer Frenzy 85
7 Elite Blade Falcon Slash 115
8 Sword Lord Hatchet Man 150

Dragon Quest VII

Stat Changes
Strength +10%
Agility -35%
Guard -/+0%
Intelligence -30&
Appearance -/+0%
Max. HP +10%
Max. MP -60%

Title (PSX / 3DS)
Learns (PSX / 3DS)
Battles Needed (PSX / 3DS)
1 Beginner / Ruffian n/a n/a
2 Novice / Skirmisher PsycheUp / Focus Strength 10 / 5
3 Soldier n/a 10
4 Guardsman / Veteran SquallHit / Mercurial Thrust 15 / 18
5 Veteran / Captain n/a / Rude Awakening 20 / 28
6 Warmonger / Expert Fencer DrakSlash / Wing-Clipper 20 / 38
7 Elite / Elite Blade n/a / Dragon Slash 30 / 53
8 General / Sword Lord EvilSlash / Hatchet Man 25 / 78

Hybrid Abilities
Bard WarSong
Dancer SwordDanc
Jester Confuhit
Mariner BirdSlash
Shepherd Mineuchi
Thief ThiefHit


After the events in Alltrades Abbey, the warrior is a useful class to become because of the strength increase that it affords. Among the skills that the warrior learns, Hatchet Man is by far the most useful. Although it misses half the time, when it does connect, it is a critical hit, making short work of Metal Monsters. The Drake Slash is also good for dragon bosses that the player encounters.

For hybrid skills, the two most useful ones are Sword Dance, which requires both a mature warrior and a mature Dancer, and Thief Hit, which requires a mature warrior and a mature Thief. Sword Dance attacks four times with 75 percent power, making useful for boss fights as it is like attack for 300 percent power. It is also the most cost effective skill in the game as it doesn't require any MP to use. Thief Hit is useful because it steals from enemies, making it a nice skill to have if the player is looking for a particular item. However, the chance of stealing is rather low.

Regarding evolution, the Warrior can combine the mastered Mage class and become an Armamentalist, which has access to some elemental slashes. The Warrior can also combine the mastered the Martial Artist class and become a Gladiator. The Gladiator has stronger attacks including Multifists. After the Dragoon class is mastered, the Gladiator can then become a Champion as long as the Paladin class is also mastered. The Champion has several powerful attacks culminating with Blade of Ultimate Power, a must for beating the final bosses in the game.

Dragon Quest IX

DQIX - Warrior

The Warrior Class is available at the start of the game and has the unique skillset 'Courage'. They can equip swords, spears, knives, and shields, as well as most heavy armor. Their 'coup de grace' ability is "Critical Claim" which makes the next attack critical without fail.

8 Whipping Boy
16 Natural Strength +10
28 Whistle
40 Natural Resilience +20
48 Body Slam
56 Natural Strength +30
70 Morale Masher
80 Natural Resilience +40
90 Natural Max HP +60
100 Attack Attacker

Dragon Quest X

Heroes series

Dragon Quest Heroes II

Other games

Dragon Quest of the Stars

Dragon Quest Walk

Notable Warriors


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