The Warrior's Rest Inn is a location in Dragon Quest XI. A country inn located in the Zwaardsrust Region, it serves as a waypoint for travellers to and from northern Erdrea. It stands north of the docks on the jetty, and east of the Zwaardsrust Ruins.


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World of Light

After their escape from Gondolia, Sylvando suggests stopping here for clues on the Rainbough. The passing travellers are not much help, save to suggest that it may have made its way further north. The party may stay the night here before heading to Octagonia.

After rescuing Phnom Nonh from its plight and obtaining the magic key, Rab suggests visiting the ruins, where the Purple Orb may be held.

World of Darkness

Upon picking up the Salty Stallion in Puerto Valor, Sylv's pilot, Dave, mentions that visitors to Zwaardsrust have been having the same dream every night since the Fall of Yggdrasil: a forlorn knight agonising in his misery, bound to this world by regrets of the past. As they approach port, however, Alizarin attacks and knocks the Luminary overboard. Sylv, Rab, and Hendrik manage to pull him to shore, though not before he makes contact with the Seer in a fever dream. They rest the night in a nearby cabin for the Luminary to recover, and proceed to investigate the reports the next day.

Surely enough, the party also witnesses the dream with the black knight. Rab notes that the knight's armour is of Drasilian issue, thus proposing that they head to Dundrasil and find the source of this nightmare.

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