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The Warrior's ring (formally Fighter's ring) is a recurring accessory.


Dragon Quest[]

An item that supposedly can be equipped to raise attack, the Warrior's ring can only be found at the bottom of the Craggy Cave in Dragon Quest. Due to text limitations in the Gameboy Color remake of Dragon Quest, Fighter's ring was renamed to just "War" with a picture of a ring next to it. When worn, a knight at Rimuldar will take notice of its presence and comment on it.

This ring was misprogrammed in the early versions of the game, thus it will do nothing to the Hero's stats and provide no benefit. Even in the later remake versions of the game, the Warrior's ring has still seemingly retained its not discernible effect, thusly seemingly still being useless.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

The Warrior's ring reappers in Dragon Quest Heroes II. It is either used as a mark of a mighty warrior or a preening maiden

As Lazarel or Teresa progress into the story, complete sidequests, defeating Wanted monsters, or more predominantly, fullfill the monster suppression thresholds asked by the Accordian knight at the respective counter, their level of Renown, similarly to Dragon Quest X althought this time hidden from view, will raise; upon reaching a new level of fame, another Accordian knight, stationated nearby the monster suppression counter, will take notice of it, rewarding the leading protagonist with various items, including powerful defensive Orbs.

The Warrior's ring is the ultimate prize given by the knight for reaching the highest level of Renown, level 10; an Important Item this time around instead of an accessory, the ring is however, is in itself completely effectless and useless, perhaps as a callback to its original Dragon Quest 's bugged version. That being said, receiving it will reward an Accolade, which not only can be exchanged at the respective counter for a Mini medal prize, when all Accollades are earned it will additionally reward the Gospel ring.

Dragon Quest Walk[]

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Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light[]

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Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[]

The Warrior's ring is one of the available accessories that Psaro can equip to one of his scouted monsters; dropped rarely by Mandrake majors, the Warrior's ring grants an Attack +10, a Defence +10, and the Auto-Restora trait. Its upgraded version, the Warrior's ring+, either obtainable through Tinkering or as a super-rare drop from the Mandrake Majors, will furthermore grant the additional bonus of raising the maximum HP of +10.


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