The Waterfall Cave is the first dungeon of Dragon Quest VIII.


A spoiler draws near! Click 'show' to display, otherwise run away!

After the hero, Yangus and Trode are chased out of Farebury by people believing Trode to be a monster, a girl, Valentina follows them out and asks for their help in finding her father Kalderasha's Crystal ball, which was lost in the cave.

The Hero and Yangus enter the cave, and find the crystal ball, guarded by Geyzer, a merman who was hit on the head when the crystal ball was dropped into the waterfall. They defeat him, and return the crystal ball to Kalderasha.

Thou hast defeated the spoiler.


At one point in the dungeon, a Hammerhood blocks your path; answering Yes to his question will allow you to continue. If you talk to him again, and say Yes again, you can fight him, though it is optional. He can only be fought once and no other Hammerhoods are encountered in the area.


Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)
Item Location
Dungeon Map L1
Chimaera wing L1
Medicinal herb L1
Leather hat L1
Copper sword L1 (separate area accessible from L2)

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Italian Grotte della cascata
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