Weird Whacker (Aka Confusion Attack) is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VI

Making its debut, it is used by Guaardvarks, Fuddleguanas, and Poison eveels in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest VII

Used by Hexicons, Compos mantises, Black books, Bagley, and Orgodemir in his third forme during the true final battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Once again used by Poison eveels in battle.

Dragon Quest IX

Used by Zumeanies and Stale whales, as well as Orgodemir once again.

Dragon Quest X

Used by Axolotls, Bilebonnets, Drooling ghouls, Lickity spits, Parched peckerels, Giga clubber

Dragon Quest XI

Used by Zumeanies and Bilebonnets once again, though only 3DS and 2D Switch mode for the latter.

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