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Wetlock is a town in Dragon Quest VII.


There was a bard who came to Wetlock one day. Sleep in Wetlock for the day to notice that the bard is playing a song and luring people to a portal. Before the portal could disappear, they went inside it.

The portal led to a inaccessible tower somewhat northeast of Wetlock. Eventually, the bard somehow had predicted the future, and led the people of Wetlock to a safer place, safe from the upcoming flood. The flood was actually very terrible, inundating the whole island.

Eventually, the hero, Ruff, and Maribel went to the source of the flood. There was actually an underground 'temple' in which where Gracos lives. After defeating Gracos, with the help of the bard, the water calmed down and the town went back to its original state. The people were safely evacuated back to Wetlock, the bard, though, decided to leave Wetlock to find a successor.


Gracos's lair is still there, and can still be visited. In the deepest part of the lair, there lives Gracos's successor, Gracos V.

The previously inaccessible tower can be accessed through the help of a bridge. There are some slimes living now in the tower, and even one who can talk.

The villages of Hardlypool and Spilton-on-Sea are now gone, although Wetlock is still there.

There is also the Medal King's castle northwest of Wetlock (only accesible by using the boat). The Medal King allows you to exchange your tiny medals for different prizes.

The tallest tower is also located in Wetlock. The entrance to the tower is opened through Pike's sizzling stone, which is now Bulgio's possession. At the top of tower is some sort of an altar in which, also by using the sizzling stone's power, can revive Sir Mervyn.


  • Wetlock's original name, Hamelia, likely draws it name from Hamelin, a town famous for the story of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. The Pied Piper lured away a rat infestation into a river to drown them and later lured away the town's children when the townsfolk refused to pay him for his services. In a somewhat reverse fashion, the bard that travels to Hardlypool, Spilton-on-Sea, and Wetlock lured people to safety so they wouldn't drown in the flood the bard foresaw.

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