Whealbrook (Santa Rosa in fan translations) is a small town in Dragon Quest V, the Hero lives during the beginning of the game along with his father, Pankraz, and a man named Sancho. There is a small cave in the back called the Whealbrook Adit.


The Hero spent much of his childhood here in this village. After returning from traveling overseas with his father, the two return home. The hero's childhood friend, Bianca, is in town with her mother to pick up cold medicine for her father. Pankraz and his son escort them back to the village of Roundbeck. Once Pankraz and his son return to Whealbrook, the hero discovers a mischievous faerie named Honey, who has been searching for someone to help with a crisis in Faerie Lea. She takes him to the land of faeries via a portal in the cellar of his house.

Ten years later, the hero, now an adult, and Prince Harry arrive at Whealbrook to find it was razed by soldiers from Coburg, with only the church and inn remaining intact. After defeating Nimzo, the hero and his family discover that the village has been rebuilt.

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