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Whealbrook (known as Santa Rose in fan translations) is a small town in Dragon Quest V. It is home to the Hero during the first part of the game, along with his father Pankraz and their servant Sancho. There is a cave in the rear of the village known as the Whealbrook Adit.


First Generation[]

The Hero spends much of his childhood in the village. After returning from travelling overseas with his father, the two return home. The hero's childhood friend, Bianca Whitaker, is in town with her mother to pick up cold medicine for her ailing father, although the man tasked with making it has failed to return from the caverns behind the village, prompting the hero to venture inside to look for him. After succesfully procuring the needed cure, the Whitakers return home to Roundbeck, with Pankraz and his son providing an escort.

Upon his subsequent return to Whealbrook, the hero meets a mischievous faerie, who has been searching for someone to help with a crisis in the Faerie Realm. She takes him to her world via a magic portal in the cellar of his house.

After returning from the Faerie Realm, the hero learns that his father is to leave town again, and sets out to join him.

Second Generation[]

Ten years later, the hero, now a young adult, returns to Whealbrook with Prince Harry, only to discover the village has been razed to the ground by soldiers from Coburg following Harry's disappearance; only the church and inn are still standing.

Third Generation[]

The village remains in a derelict state for the duration of the game. However, after defeating Nimzo, the hero and his family return to Whealbrook, where they find that the village has finally been rebuilt.

Other Appearances[]

Dragon Quest XI[]

In the 3DS and Definitive Edition versions of the game, Whealbrook can be accessed via the Altar of the Heavenly Bride in the Echo Chamber. Everyone in the village is suffering from an extremely nasty cold. Sancho asks the Luminary and his party to help, directing them to the Quester's Rest. In exchange for a bottle of Yggdrasil dew, Sellma will make some "Stone Cold Cold-Killer" after the hero exits and then re-enters the Quester's Rest. When the medicine is administered, everyone in the village makes a full recovery.

Additionally, Whealbrook must be visited as part of the Cannock Castle side quest. If the player speaks to Pankraz after first speaking to Kiefer and Alena, Pankraz will say that the Prince of Cannock was headed to the Neverglade.

Although it is not explicitly stated at what point in Dragon Quest V the visit to Whealbrook takes place, it is most likely during the young hero's adventures in Whealbrook Adit or Faerie Lea, as Sancho says that he cannot find "Pankraz's son" anywhere. The latter is more likely, due to the fact that the player cannot enter the cellar of Pankraz's house.

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