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The White wolves are a species of intelligent animals in Dragon Quest VII. While they may look like not too much different from regular wolves at first glance, they are in truth much more intelligent, and their bite has negative effects on evil Monsters.


The white wolves were the protectors of L'Arca; the villagers don't know for how long they had done this, but it is a significant enough amount of time that they incorporate it into their mythology.

Long ago, a Hackrobat threatened the town; the white wolves fought the monster, and eventually sealed him in a coffin within the Grotta del Sigillo, the mountain of the Almighty. However, it did not come without a price, as many of the wolves were slain, but, for a time, there was peace.

However, some time before the arrival of the party, the coffin was opened from the outside and the Hackrobat returned, and in revenge he started to kill the wolves that imprisoned him long ago. One of the casualties was a pregnant wolf; before passing due to her injuries, she gave birth to a wolf cub, who was subsequently taken in by a normal female wolf. Some time later, the cub, later named Ruff, who had wandered away from his mother, was found by a local farmer who, while taking care of him, also chained him to the wall of the barn, most likely for the farmer's protection.

Hackrobat then went back to L'Arca. To spite the wolves, he cast a spell on the village, which changed all humans into animals and vice versa, returning to the Grotta del Sigillo afterwards. This spell changed Ruff from a wolf to a human; due to this, the chain on his neck, that was previously confortable, was not too small for him, and began choking the boy, who was fortunately timely saved by the Hero and his friends, also reuniting him with his adopted wolf mother.

Despite having now been turned into a human, Ruff still maintained his lupine instincts and behaviours, and as a result, Ruff could initially only speak in barks, growls, and howls interspersed with single-word statements. He also maintained the power to paralyse demons with a bite, and so was able to subdue Hackrobat in a weakened state.

Powers and abilities[]

The white wolves are powerful fighters. They have all of the regular abilities of wolves, including enhanced senses, particularly smell. They are quick and agile, making them hard to hit. Like most wolves, they attack in packs. They also know how to sense evil. Whether this is due to instinct or some reasoning ability is not expounded upon.

What makes them different from regular wolves is their bite. One bite from a white wolf causes paralysis in monsters, even one as powerful as Hackrobat.

Notable white wolves[]

  • Ruff is a white wolf turned human due to a spell by Hackrobat.

See also[]

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