Wind Sickles is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Strikes a single enemy with a wave of chi-infused wind that ignores defence.


Dragon Quest IV

Only appearing in remakes, it is used by High djinkses in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest VI

Making its debut, Wind Sickles deals Woosh-damage calculated as ((Level x 3 +10)+/-15%), capping at level 57. It is obtained by advancing to rank 3 of the Martial Artist vocation, and is also used by Giant moths, Cloud surfers, Low djinkses, Mythsteeds, Mechalomaniacs, Second Test, Dhuran, and Nokturnus in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Wind Sickles functions identically as it did in the previous game, and is learned in the same manner. It is also used by the Cumulus vex, High djinkses, Djinn genies, and Vaipur in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Yangus can use Wind Sickles as a Scythe technique after allocating 32 skill points into the aforementioned skill tree. Damage is calculated in the same method as before. It is also used by Diemons, Cockateers, Jumping jackals, Dark turkeys, Anchormen, Foul anchors, Dhoulmagus, and Marcello in battle.

Dragon Quest IX

This ability is learned with 12 skill points invested into the Fisticuffs skill tree. In this installment, Wind Sickles is treated as a normal attack that deals an extra 50% of damage to elemental-family monsters. All other monster families receive no bonus damage. It is also used by Cyclowns and Tyrantula in battle.

Dragon Quest X

Learned with 18 skill points invested into the Fisticuffs skill tree, it acts the same as in its previous appearances, but costs 1 MP to use. It's also used by Blue horns, in addition to Cloud surfers, Low djinkses, Djinn genies, and Dhuran once again using it in battle.

Dragon Quest XI

An enemy only skill, it is used by Brollyminators, as well as Cyclowns once again.

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French Vent coupant
German Windsichel
Spanish Hoz eólica
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