The Wind Spirit (formerly WindSpirit) is an important character and boss in Dragon Quest VII. She is one of the Four Great Spirits, worshiped by the Cirrus people of Aeolus Vale and Villa Priores, and a child of the the Almighty.


The Wind Spirit has the appearance of a thin, attractive light-skinned young woman with very long green hair that reaches to her ankles. Two longer tails frame either side of her face and reach down to her feet, being tipped with what looks like purple cloth. She wears very minimal clothing, consisting of a green bikini top and bottoms with some cloth hanging on each side of her hips, as well as a gold crown on her forehead with a purple gemstone, a gold choker, bracelets, anklets, a small gold belt around her waist, and gold armbands on her upper arms. In the 3DS version, her two hair tails have the appearance of the feathers of a tropical bird, blending into orange and purple feathers at the ends. She also now has long pointed ears with purple earrings, her crown is much larger and elaborate, and her jewelry is more minimal, wearing only simple green and gold bracelets, a gold necklace with a purple gem, and black and gold anklets.


The Wind Spirit can be best described as an airhead with a playful and flirtatious personality. Compared to the other Spirits, she doesn't seem to keen on using her powers to help out her worshipers unless they can give her something she wants. However, she takes her duties seriously when the Hero informs her that the Fire Spirit (whom she refers to as Sparky) tasked him and the party with awakening the other Spirits due to the grim state of the world. She is also quite boy crazy, demanding five years worth of handsome men from Serafina to keep her entertained, admitting that she gets bored easily with only one or two.



Main Games

Dragon Quest VII


  • In the original Sony PlayStation version, the Wind Spirit seems particularly interested in Ruff and flirts with him. After she disappears, Aishe derogatorily calls her a slut.
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