Wizard Ward (Spooky Light in Dragon Quest of the Stars) is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series. Though the effect varies slightly between games, it generally raises the user's magic resistance.


Dragon Quest IX

Making its debut, it is learned when 8 skill points are invested into the mage's spellcraft skill tree. It costs 5 MP to use, and raises the user's magical resistance by 1, while also used by maguses in battle.

Dragon Quest X

Once again learned with 8 skill points invested into the spellcraft skill tree, it acts in the same as in IX, but cannot be used to resist the rubblerouser spell line.

Dragon Quest XI

Wizard Ward is learned through Veronica's Vim attribute, purchasing it for 8 skill points. It costs 3 MP, raises her spell resistance by 50%, and lasts for 4~6 turns.

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