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Words of Wisdom ('Words of Wisdom' in DQTR) is a book in Dragon Quest III and a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series, the first of a series of Vocation-changing items.


Dragon Quest III[]

Making its debut, this book is used to change a level 20 character of any particular Vocation, directly in to a Sage, though it cannot be applied to Erdrick.

A character who is currently a Gadabout does not need the Words to turn into a Sage, though it takes a bit of leveling up to do, being table to change only after they are level 20. The Words of Wisdom are found in the Tower of Transcendence, just north of the Alltrades Abbey while another one can be found in a house at Rimuldar in the GBC remake.

Dragon Quest Walk[]

Appearing as a weapon from July 7th, 2022 onwards,

Level Skill/Spell Description MP Cost
1 Sage Magical Might +5 Raises the magical might of Sages by 5 when wielding this weapon.
1 Defuddle Cures all allies of their confusion. 10
10 Cock-a-doodle-doo Awakens all allies from sleep 9
15 Magic Defense Healing Restores one ally's HP and reduces spell damage by 20%, though it can only be used once per battle. 11
20 Deep Magic Bullet Knowledge Deals massive spell damage to one enemy 33
30 Words of Relief Restores the health of all allies while attacking one enemy. 54
35 Fizzle Resistance 10% Raises the user's resistance to Fizzle by 10%
40 Sleep Resistance 5% Raises the user's resistance to sleep skills and spells by 5%
45 Magical Mending +12 Increases the player's magical mending by 12 when wielding this weapon
50 Instant Bounce Creates a wall of light that reflects enemy spells at the start of the battle. Lasts for 2 turns. 18

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi![]

Appears as an alchemy material


Other languages[]

Other languages
German „Worte der Weisheit“
Italian Parole di Saggezza
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown

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