The World of Darkness is an alternate world in Dragon Quest VIII that the party must take a detour to in the search for Evil Sir Leopold. It is also Rhapthorne's goal to combine the World of Light and the World of Darkness. When in Empycchu, the party hear about the Dark Eye, a portal to the World of Darkness, that sometimes appears in Empyrea's shadow. The party then proceed to chase the shadow from Empyrea's usual roost to a small hill past a couple of poison swamps, where the shadow transforms into the Dark Eye.

The World of Darkness is not much different from the World of Light, the landscape is basically the same, but the world is in black-and-white, except, interestingly, water, fire, poison, treasure chests, items and anything from the World of Light. There are also dark versions of normal monsters, many of which are stronger than their World of Light counterparts. The Hero is free to explore the island, but is limited to the Isolated Plateau because his ship is in the World of Light, and can only Zoom to Dark Empycchu.

After visiting Dark Empycchu, the party finds out Empyrea has been damaging the village, so they go to her roost to find out what's going on, but they end up fighting her instead. After the battle, she explains Gemon, Rhapthorne's servant, is forcing her to attack Dark Empycchu or he will harm her egg. She asks the Hero to climb the Godbird's Eyrie, where Gemon is holding her egg hostage, and fight him. After Gemon is defeated, he casts Kamikazee and takes the egg out with him. However, the spirit of the child inside the egg is then contained inside a stone called the Godbird's soulstone, which grants the party the ability to turn into a bird and fly, but only in the World of Light. Empyrea entrusts the Hero with this stone, and then the party return to the World of Light.

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