Xia is a character in Dragon Quest VIII.


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She is the daughter of Chen Mui and as such, she is a pure blood Dragovian. She fell in love with Eltrio, an Argonian prince whom she met when she visited the human world some 20 years before the start of Dragon Quest VIII. When Chen Mui took her back to the Dragovian Sanctuary, she became depressed. Her depression worsen when she learned Eltrio had died upon reaching the gate of the sanctuary to see her. During this time, she also learned that she is pregnant with Eltrio's child. Despite everyone's objection, she chose to keep the child, but died shortly after giving birth to The Hero.

Xia is actually buried with Eltrio despite the Hero finding her tombstone in the Heavenly Dais along with the other Dragovians. This is revealed by Chen Mui when you visit Xia's tombstone once the Dragovian Trials are accessible. Chen Mui explains that at least in death, Xia can be with the one she loved. On her tombstone lament's Chen Mui's thoughts:

"Here lies my beloved Daughter, Xia"

Years later after learning of his lineage, The Hero was given an Argon Ring which was a keepsake of Xia (a gift from Eltrio).

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Eltrio Xia

Xia and her lover, Eltrio.

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