The Yggdrasil in Dragon Quest IX.

Yggdrasil (sometimes also known as the World Tree) is usually a great, mythical tree that pierces the heavens with its branches and is said to have divine healing properties. Introduced in Dragon Quest II, it is found most of the time in highly isolated and dangerous locations that prevent common folk from approaching it. The Yggdrasil leaf and Yggdrasil dew carry the essence of the main tree within them, making them among the most potent healing items in any game. Yggdrasil's appearance and scale varies greatly across the worlds, sometimes taking the form of an average, albeit really big tree, to sometimes being so colossal in size to dwarf a castle.


Dragon Quest II

The party can obtain an Yggdrasil leaf by travelling south of the Sea Cave to an island with one single tree on it. By searching this tree, a leaf can be obtained. The party can only get one leaf at a time from this tree and if they already have an Yggdrasil leaf in the bag, they cannot get another one.

In the remakes of this title, the Prince of Cannock will fall ill after spending the night at Beran's Inn, struck by a deadly curse casted by the nefarious High Priest Hargon. Unable to continue in his weakened state, he is forced to leave the party. While there is the option to continue the journey without the Prince assistance, it is also possible to cure him with the use of an Yggdrasil leaf, thanks to which he will make a full recovery without any repercussions.

Dragon Quest III

Erdrick and their companions can obtain a leaf by searching the centre point between the four lone mountains found in the vast foresty area northwest of Jipang. Similar to Dragon Quest II, only one leaf can be aquired in such manner at a time by the party, however multiple extra leaves can be obtained as dropped items from some monsters. Only once all Yggdrasil leaves in their possession are used, the party can return to the location to collect another.

Dragon Quest IV

Yggdrasil is a location in Dragon Quest IV. While at first glance it may appear simply as a normal tree, it is actually immense, hundreds of times the size of any normal tree, with the elven village of El Forado at the base. Located slightly east of Mintos and surrounded by a ring of impenetrable mountains, it is only accessible by balloon flight.

The party can only visit it after acquiring the balloon. After ascending to its boughs, they encounter Orifiela, a Zenithian who fell from the sky and landed in the Tree's branches. She helps them find the Zenithian sword, which is nearby, and, after being rescued, agrees to show them the way to Zenithia.

In Chapter 6, added in the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo DS versions, defeating Foo Yung & Chow Mein, a bizzare duo of wish-granting demons, will cause the two of them to use their magic to make the World Tree bloom the rare Yggdrasil Flower atop it. This flower, which only blooms every thousand years, posses a resurrecting power several times stronger than anything else existing, making it capaple to resurrect even those who are otherwise incapable to be resurrected by any other means, so much so that it's a Zenithian custom to officially report the Flower's bloom.

Once obtaining the leggenday flower, the party decide to use it to resurrect Psaro's girlfriend, the elven woman Rose, who was cruelly murdered at the orders of Aamon in order to trick the demon lord in waging war aganist humanity. Thanks to her tears, the effects of the Secret of Evolution are reversed on Psaro, causing him to repent his actions and allowing the two of them to start their lives together in the newfound peace, after Aamon is defeated once and for all.

Dragon Quest V

In the Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS version of Dragon Quest V, an Yggdrasil Sapling can be obtained in Zenithia once the castle returns airbourne, as a Knick-knack to be displayed in the Knick-knactatory museum. Originally in a weakened state due to the crashland of the castle, once watered with the holy Aspersorium, this sapling of the World Tree will return to its healty state. It also begins to shred a single Yggdrasil leaf every day once watered with the Aspersorium again.

Dragon Quest VII

Yggdrasil can be found in Gröndal. When the party travels there in the past, Yggdrasil hasn't achieved maturity yet; despite being already a pretty impressive tree, with roots so large and long that are able to extend from the forest to under the village, in this time Yggdrasil is a mere sapling known as Ygg. The residents of Gröndal, under the influence of a Fighting batboon working for the Demon Lord Orgodemir, are brainwashed into trying to cut down the sapling before it can fully mature. Eventually, thanks to the healing powers of the tree's dew and the assistance of it's guardian faerie, the party is able to stops this from happening and Ygg is able to become Yggdrasil in the present day.

The party can obtain Yggdrasil leaves by going to Yggdrasil as, if they do not have any in their possesion, a bird will drop one from the tree for the party to pick up and obtain. If they do however already have one, the bird will not drop one. They can also obtain a phial of Yggdrasil dew at Gröndal, which has built an economy selling it. However, only the Hero can get on line to buy one and, if supplies run out before the Hero gets one, the party will have to leave town and enter again to try and get another one. If they already have one, they will not be allowed to buy another.

Dragon Quest VIII

In the region surrounding Baccarat, in the point where four statues of Great sabrecats meet their sight, a small subsidence surrounded by trees can be found. Right in the middle of it a lone, impressive tree that glows of a faint light grows there but it is only visible at dawn, otherwise invisible at any other time. Exactly as in previous titles, If no Yggdrasil leaf is present in the inventory, one such leaf can be found at the foot of tree and can be collected. It is also required to snap a photo of this tree in order to satisfy the photo request n.049 in the Nintendo 3DS version. Additionally the master of Chateau Felix, Master Felix asked the party the request to take a phial of Sands of Serenity to said tree, because the soul of his pet and friend Baumrem had gotten lost on his way to the afterlife after passing near the tree, unable to stop going round and round in circles around the tree. Once sprinkled with the Sands, Baumrem's soul is finally able to pass on. For this sevice, Master Felix will reward the party with Baumren's bell. According to him in ancient times the tree was known as the Tree of Styx and due of its nature, deceased souls have an habit to lose their way around it.

Furthermore, once they visit the hidden village of Tryan Gully, the party is entrusted by the Elf Raya with the Darktree Leaf, a leaf retrived long ago by the great sage Kupas from a giant tree growing in the World of Darkness. This leaf has the power to act as a compass towards the greatest source of evil currently existing once placed on a map, which the party used to track down the Rhapthorne possesed Sir Leopold. Due to the leaf appearance being virtually identical to an Yggdrasil leaf sans for its purplish color, it can be reasoned that the giant tree it came from is the World of Darkness counterpart of the invisible tree.

While it is never stated out loud, this invisible tree is implied to be this world version of Yggdrasil. Furthermore, in Dragon Quest Heroes, Jessica, while talking about that version of the holy tree, will mention how said tree reminds her of a certain other mysterious tree back in her world, most probably referring to the invisible glowing tree, since it is the only tree that fits that description .

Dragon Quest IX

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In Dragon Quest IX the tree is part of the central plot and appears at the top of the Observatory. A beatiful tree that glows of its own light, Yggdrasil is capable of growing fruits called Fyggs, when it receives enough Benevolessence, the shining crystallization of gratitude by humans for the protection given to them by the Celestrians. These fruits have the power to make the dreams of those who eat them come true, but the wish are granted in a very litteral manner so consuming them can be very dangerous because, if not spelled correctly, the wish will usually lead in unwanted consequences.

Yggdrasil is considered the gateway to the realm of the Almighty, as when it blossoms the Starflight Express comes to ferry Celestrians. However this time around, when the tree finally blossoms, it instead brings disaster in the Observatory.

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The hero must venture down to the Protectorate to collect several scattered Fyggs, which had fallen from the observatory in the disaster. It is later revealed that Yggdrasil is in fact the goddess Celestria, the daughter of the Almighty, Zenus. She became Yggdrasil to show Zenus that even though mortals were flawed, some still have good in their hearts, proven through the collection of their Benevolessence and the cultivation of the resulting Fyggs.

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Additionally, there exists a lone tree on an island east of Gleeba where an Yggdrasil leaf may be found.

Dragon Quest XI

Yggdrsil as seen in Dragon Quest XI

Yggdrasil once more plays a major role in the story, being the radiant tree floating high above Erdrea from which all life force is created. It is said that each leaf is connected to the life of a sentient being, budding with a birth and falling with a death. It is said that upon death, souls pass through the Void before finally returning to Yggdrasil, from whence they will eventually be reborn as a new life. Her roots are so massive that they sometimes break through the ground throughout Erdrea. All the human kingdoms worship Yggdrasil to varying extents, with Dundrasil, Arboria and the temple of Angri-La standing above all of them in terms of faith. The mermaids and all sea creatures inhabiting Nautica, while worshipping the nameless spirit of sea, are aware of Yggdrasil's importance. In fact, Yggdrasil herself made them swear an oath to aid her chosen one should they ever be in need of their assistance. However, none of them are more loyal to her than the Watchers of Havens Above, for they are her oldest and closest allies.

In times of great calamity, a leaf may give off light when it blooms so intense that can set the night sky aglow like its daytime, signaling the arrival of Her chosen champion, given the title of Luminary. One so chosen also bears Her mark on the back of one of their hands, from which divine power can be called upon in Her service. The Luminary is also capable of interpreting the flow of memory that courses through every fibre of the tree, mostly through her roots, allowing them to observe past events in ways that others cannot, sometimes to even slighty altering them. The Sword of Light, a legendary blade forged by the Luminary and destined to be held only by him, is charged with her power and rests in the Heart of the World Tree. The Six Orbs were created by the Watchers by crystalizing the dew of Yggdrasil and were meant to be the key to opening the path to the almighty tree when placed on an altar located inside the thick forest surrounding her.

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In ancient times, Yggdrasil was a mighty serpent, the Yggdragon; and she was the source of all light throughout creation. She fought Calasmos, a being born from the dark resolved to destroy said light, but she was defeated and fell on a deserted and barren Erdrea, her life snatched away from her. But she came back in force with the help of her most loyal companions, the Watchers, and the lost time spirits. Taking the form of the tree Yggdrasil, She set out to make Erdrea flourish with all sorts of life, among which was Cetacea, a colossal flying whale. She also at some point spawned nine seedlings, six of which were retrived by the Watchers.

However, peace would not last, and eventually Calasmos once again threatened the world, unleashing hordes of monsters loyal to him. To counter this menace, Yggdrasil birthed the first Luminary, Erdwin, in order to defeat the dreaded Dark One. At some point Erdwin retrived a cast-off brach of the the mighty tree, which would later be dubbed the Rainbough. During the conflict against the Dark One, Yggdrasil fell from the skies into ruin. After a grueling battle, Calasmos was defeated and Yggdrasil was restored to life. But the Luminary did not succeed in ending the Dark One's life, because the fiend brainwashed and corrupted one of his companions into prematurely ending Erdwin's life. Without someone able to properly wield the Sword of Light, Erdwin's allies were forced to imprison the Dark One's body in Erdwin's Lantern instead of killing him. Unbeknownst to them however, Calasmos's consciusness survived in the form of a Darkling, and he spent centuries biding his time for the right moment to reclaim his body. The sage Serenica decided to entrust the Sword of Light to Yggdrasil Herself, who enshrined it inside her holy heart.

A Hero Comes of Age

Centuries later, sensing the imminent return of the Dark One, Yggdrasil gave birth to a new Luminary, which was none other than the Prince of Dundrasil, the same kingdom that Erdwin once called home. She also made sure that the powers of the sage Serenica would reincarnate in the twin sisters Veronica and Serena. Unfortunatly, shortly after the Luminary's birth, the companion of Erdwin who fell to the darkness, now calling himself Mordegon, attacked and destroyed Dundrasil, for he had his own plan to take over Erdrea. Through sheer luck however the Luminary survived the massacre and was safely raised in the village of Cobblestone until he came to age. Setting out on a journey to discover his destiny, the Luminary faced many hardships, because Mordegon, possesing the body of Heliodor's king, began relentlessly pursuing him.

After crossing all of Erdrea, gathering a posse of loyal companions, the Luminary finally reached the Heart of Yggdrasil where he was supposed to be bestowed the Sword of Light. But Jasper, an Heliodorian knight who was enthralled by Mordegon, intercepted the party and used his master's dark mockery of one of the Six Orbs to severly incapacitate them. The brave Sir Hendrik tried to stop him but he was ambushed from behind, not knowing that King Carnelian, who was accompanied by, was possed by Mordegon. The demon lord leaft the body of the king for the first time in nearly two decades, and painfully stole the power of the Luminary. With it, he tricked the Heart in letting him take the Sword of Light, which he promptly corrupted into the grim Sword of Shadows. Using the Sword, he pierced the Heart and through the weapon he absorbed the Heart's everlasting life, transforming himself in to a monstruosity. With a mighty explosion of darkness the tree was no more and she came crushing down on Erdrea, with disastrous consequences for the land. Fortunatly the Luminary, Sir Hendrik, King Carnelian and the rest of the party were able to escape the explosion thanks to the sacrifice of Veronica.

Rise of the Lord of Shadows

Without Yggdrasil the cycle of death and rebirth was interrupted, the souls of the dead forever trapped in the Void without a way out of it, were they would slowly flicker out of existance. Yggdrasil's crash sent earthquakes across all of Erdrea, killing countless of people. To further increase the number of victims, Mordegon began brainwashing monsters all across the land, driving them into a murdeous frenzy while also sending his loyal servants to spread misery and shadow across Erdrea. To mock the holy tree even more, Mordegon constructed a horrifying, dark flying fortress to replace the floating Yggdrasil. Mordegon also made sure that nobody would challenge his dominion, so when Calasmos's Darkling tried to reunite with his body, Mordegon used the corrupted Sword of Light for it's original purpose and destroyed the Dark One's vessel, leaving his spirit powerless.

Unknown to him however some of Yggdrasil's power still lingered inside some of her roots, her seedlings and inside of the Luminary himself, though the young man initially belived to had lost it for good. After reclaiming his birthright and reuniting with his companions, thanks to the guidence of three of Yggdrasil's seedlings the Luminary forged a new Sword of Light and set out riding on the back of Cetacea to end the Lord of Shadows. After a vicious battle he succeded even reclaiming the Sword of Shadows for himself. The defeat of Mordegon releases the Heart's power, restoring Yggdrasil to her rightfull place, and Erdrea with it. Though the scars leaft were deep, new plantlife began to flourish again across Erdrea, announcing the return of peace.

In Search of Lost Time

However, unsatisfied by the great toll the battles took, the Luminary decided to travel back in time to prevent the fall of Yggdrasil to ever happen. Armed with the knowledge of the future and the Sword of Shadows, the Luminary was able to best Jasper, foiling Mordegon's plan and claiming the Sword of Light as it should had been. Unaware that the Luminary knew his true identity, Mordegon tried multiple times to get a hold of the weapon but each time he was stopped by an unseen force. He finally lost his patiance, and revealed his true form, only to meet a resounding defeated. But the festivities were cut short, because the unseen force was not other than the Darkilng, who had hitched a ride to the past with the Luminary. Without Mordegon to stop him, the Darkling reunited at last with it's body, and the Dark One of old finally rose up again just as Yggdrasil feared.

After consulting with three other seedlings, the Luminary came to learn the identity of the foe he was born to defeat, the origins of his nemesis Mordegon and the means to pierce the Dark Ones's barrier. He also communicated with the last three seedlings, which were used by the warrior Drustan and his Watcher companions to host trials to test and increase the new Luminary's strenght. As poweful as they could they ever be the Luminary and his party faced in combat Calasmos, vanquishing him once and for all.

Some days after the fall of the Dark One, the Luminary, Veronica and Serena, decided to return the Sword of Light of old to it's resting place inside Yggdrasil's Heart. Upon doing so, the heart showed to them a vision of Yggdragon herself. After retelling her story she solemny bestowed upon the Luminary the title of Erdrick, mightiest of heroes. She then disappears but not before warning that the darkness would inevitably one day rise again, but she was sure that, even if the night should consume her, a hero will appear to take the sword in hand and defeat the evil force.

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Side Games

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

Centuries ago, the balance of light and darkness was kept in check by the goddess of light and Shadroth, a draconic deity of darkness. However as soon as the balance slighty tipped in favor of the darkness, Shadroth betrayed the non-aggresion pact he signed and tried to take over the world. After a grueling battle which costed the goddess her physical body, Shadroth was put in a deep slumber and imprisoned deep beneath the earth, but his darkness would have eventually awoken him. So the mighty tree Yggdrasil was created to act as a filter, absorbing Shadroth's darkness through her roots, convert it to light in the trunk and then release it in the air through the boughs. Additionally the roots became an irreplaceable source of nourishment for the soil. Around the base of the tree the flourishing capital of the kingdom, Arba, was constructed. The reduced influence of darkness also rendered monster-kind tame, ensuring peace and collaboration between them and the humans, elves and dwarfs.

This new balance lasted for centuries until Velasco, a powerful but insane human sorcerer obsessed with darkness decided to free Shadroth, who he considered his god. In order to do so he firstly upsetted the balance of light and dark using a spell he created, a spell that continously absorbed the energies of darkness from all across the multiverse of realities and released them all across the world. This sudden surge of darkness drove monster-kind into a frenzy, putting all of them under Velasco direct control. He manovrated them to cause as much caos as possible, while also using them to open a path to Yggdrasil's Crown, a shrined altar between her boughs that acted as the heart of the plant. He was intercepted by the heroes who were trying to save the land, but he was nontheless able to poison Yggdrasil's Crown with pure darkness while also capturing one of the two last living Children of Light. The poison began slowly killing Yggdrasil, weakening the seal of Shadroth. Fortunatly, after rescuing their companion, the heroes were able to save Yggdrasil just before her death by using the dew of the Tree of Life, the progenitor of all plantlife. But the seal had already weakened so much that not even Velasco's death and the interruption of the darkness-aborbing spell could stop Shadroth to awaken.

Once he rose to the surface his first and foremost desire was revenge towards the plant that kept him sealed for centuries so he began marching toward Yggrasil together with the rest of monster-kind, who had inevitably fallen under his control after Velasco's passing, to attack and destroy the giant tree, which not only would have meant the ravaging of Arba but also the destruction of the world. But the heroes, after safely evacuating the city and weakening Shadroth thanks to the Circle of Light were able to destroy him once and for all. Without his nefarious presence, monster-kind returned to their peaceful ways and balance was once again restored to the land.

Joker 2: Professional

The Yggdrasil is a monster made by synthesizing Watabou (alias Fluffy) and Warubou.

Dragon Quest Builders

In this alternate version of the events of Dragon Quest, on a small island near the city of Rimuldar, accesible through the Green Teleportal, the Yggdrasil tree can be found. The area all around the tree is a giant graveyard stalked by Skeleton soldiers and people terminally ill with the undead blight that Gerontius's apprentice, Illius, had accidentaly created while misguidedly trying to defy death altogether. In the past, around this same area, the remains of the knights of old Rimuldar took a last stand aganist the giant Hades condor that was poisoning their land, but their efforts were however met with failure, resulting in the destruction of the old city.

Yggrasil itself rests in the middle of a poisonous swamp, but thanks to the Filter fountains around it's trunk, the tree is surrounded by clean water. Originally the site was home to the Sanctum but due to the Dragonlord's attacks, the building was completly destroyed. From it's rubble however the sacred tree sprouted and grown to gigantic size, imbued by the life-giving power leaft behind by the shrine. Unfortunatly due to the various plagues infesting the land of Rimuldar, the humans of the area began leeching away it's power more and more, for they needed its energies in order to survive, until the tree was reduced to a mosty withered husk.

Searching for the means to cure their friend Elle from the malady which would eventually turn her into an undead, the Builder travelled to Yggdrasil where they met the spirit of Thalamus, the all-knowing. After recounting to them the sorry tale of the tree, he teached them how to create a Transmutation Table and revealed that in order to create the medicine they were seeking, the Builder needed some Holihock, a curative plant that once grew thick around the base of Yggdrasil before it began to wither. Fortunatly Thalamus had cut and safely hid the last plant inside a stout vault not too far from the tree. Thanks to the seeds of this last plant, the Builder was successful in growing more Holihocks, thanks to which Elle's life was saved.

If the Builder pokes a hole into the trunk of Yggdrasil at base level, a small room with a pool, another Filter fountain, some sconces and a bathtub with a glass window can be found.

Name In Other Languages

破童話(中文(繁體)):世界樹 Shìjièshù


Yggdrasil comes from Norse mythology. It literally means World Tree and it is the metaphorical "back bone" that supports the nine realms of the universe upon its branches.

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