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Zammle is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Damages a target with dark lightning.


Dragon Quest IX

Making its main series debut, it is learned by Sages at level 8 and costs 7 MP to cast, dealing 50~80 base damage, while capping at 213~243 damage. It is also used by Raving lunaticks, Purrestidigitators, Sorcerers, Raving reapers, Gramarye gruffons, Cobra cardinals, and the Dreadmaster in battle.

Dragon Quest X

Learned by Sages at level 18, it deals 63~73 damage and a maximum range of 201~211 damage, with the firing range of the spell being 15 meters. It once again costs 7 MP to cast, and is also used by Fightgeists, Bone barons, Haunted tomatoes, Grim candles, and Guardian of the Dark Tree, as well as Purrestidigitators once again. It is also learned by investing 25 skill points into a recruited Teeny sanguini's Black Sanguini skill tree and 12 skill points into a recruited Dracky's Zam Knowledge skill tree. From 5.4 onwards, it is learned by Magic Swordsmen at level 59.

Dragon Quest XI

Rab learns this spell at level 33, costing 9 MP to use, and initially deals 82~94 damage, capping out at 105~11 damage. It is also used by Jasper, Tyriant, Succubats gone Vicious, Gold drohls, Vampire succubats, Mordegon, Hellbound hunters, Fromage feys, and Grand Master Pang in battle. Rab also uses this spell alongside his grandson's Zapple spell for the Gloomstorm Pep Power.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional

Dragon Quest Tact

Learned by Grim Keepers, Slimeshrooms, Grimlins, and Vendor Ghosts at level 22, Fightgeists at level 18, Bone Barons at level 24, and Wight Kings at level 31, it acts the same as in previous appearances and costs 16 MP to cast. It can also be learned by Ghosts via the Flowering Talent.


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