Zamoksva (formerly SanteemSantohaim or Saintheim, サントハイム in Japanese) is a kingdom and a castle found in Enix's Dragon Quest IV. Zamoksva Castle is the home of Tsarevna Alena and her father, the Tsar. It is also the home of Kiryl and Borya, and is the starting location for Chapter 2.

The castle has no shop or service of any kind.

Kingdom of Zamoksva

The land ruled by the king of Zamoksva includes Zamoksva Castle, the town of Zalenagrad, the village of Taborov, the town of Vrenor, the Vault of Vrenor, the Desert Bazaar, the Birdsong Tower, and the Shrine to Endor. The kingdom is completely surrounded by ocean, but nearby to the east is the kingdom of Ballymoral, to the southeast is the kingdom of Endor, to the southwest is the Dunplundrin Island, and to the northwest is the Island Kingdom of Canalot.

Zamoksva Castle

The castle is a 3-story structure with sleeping quarters for the royal family on the top floor, a throne room on the middle floor, and a treasure room, a courtyard, a kitchen, sleeping quarters for the kingdom's soldiers, and a room that has the look, but not the function of a church. In the treasure room are two important quest items obtained in chapter 5, namely the Flute of Revelation and the magma staff.


Chapter 2

The castle is the starting point for chapter 2. Alena must return to the castle three times during her adventure. First after arriving at the Bazaar, a soldier will tell her to return to the castle. The king has had bad dreams and is unable to speak, so Alena sets off to find a cure. Once finding the cure, Alena must return to administer it to the king. Finally, after the tournament in Endor is over, Alena returns to find the inhabitants of the castle have mysteriously disappeared. Alena and her companions head out to find out what happened to them.

Chapter 5

Later in the game, Zamoksva becomes the base for Balzack and his minions. Once Balzack is defeated by the hero's party, the monsters vacate and the treasure room becomes accessible. Finally after defeating the entire game, the inhabitants of the castle return.

Monsters in the area

During Chapter 5 only


  • In the NES localisation, Santohaim (roughly, home of saints; -heim is a common suffix for German place names) was renamed Santeem. In the DS localisations, the Alena chapter was given a Russian theme and Santohaim became Zamoksva.
  • During Chapter 5 in the NES version, the entire castle is accessible even before Balzack's defeat. In the remake, the upstairs area is blocked off until Balzack is defeated.

Other languages

Other languages
French Zamoksva
German Unknown
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Italian Castello di Zamoskva
Dutch Unknown
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Russian Замоксва
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