Zapple is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.

Localization History

The name zap was first used as the term for Raidein, the weakest lightning spell, in the NES localization of the third game and this was carried forward through the Enix of America era and then into the modern period by Square-Enix's new editorial standards beginning with Dragon Quest VIII.


Dragon Quest III

Making its debut, Zapple (Known as Zap) is learned by the Hero at level 26. The spell will damage a single enemy with between 70~90 damage, and will cost 8 MP to cast. Ortega also uses the spell in his fight with King Hydra.

Dragon Quest IV

Zap is learned by the Hero at level 25, though his tutor in his hometown planned to teach him the spell sooner. The spell functions identically to its Aliahan counterpart, though it costs only 4 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest V

Name Level
Conkuisitor --
Hyperanemon 14
Parry 25

Zap's range improves from this installment onwards. Specifically, the spell conjures a small lightning storm that targets all enemies instead of a single bolt. The spell casts a mere 6 MP to cast, and deals between 70 and 90 damage.

Dragon Quest VI

Zap is learned by the Hero after his awakening either before fighting General Demon-At-Arms or afterwards. Other characters can learn it by advancing to rank 3 of the Hero vocation, and It behaves as it did in the previous game, costing 6 MP to cast once again.

Dragon Quest VII

Zap is learned when a character reaches rank 4 of the Hero vocation, rank 8 of the Delusionist monster vocation, and rank 5 of the Slaughtomaton monster vocations, behaving as it did two games ago and costing 6 MP to cast. However, it is also used by Ginormooses, Togres and Mossferatu, marking the first time monsters can use this spell in battle. In the 3DS remake, it is also learned by advancing to Rank 5 of the Armamentalist.

Dragon Quest VIII

Zap is learned by investing 48 points into the Hero's Courage skill tree. The spell will jolt all enemies with 40~56 points of lightning damage, and will grows in power once the Hero's wisdom surpasses 65. The spell will deal 72~88 damage (barring resistances) once the character's wisdom reaches 150. It costs 6 MP to cast once again (3 MP if the Discount skill is learned) and is also used by Heads of state and Empyrea in battle.

Dragon Quest X

After taking a backseat from the previous game, Zapple is learned by investing 7 skill points into Anlucia's Truth skill tree and can deal 270 lightning damage if 40 skill points are invested into said skill tree. It costs 12 MP to cast, and is also used by the Silvapithecus in the Hero's sibling's side story, 24-carrot bunicorns and the Colossus of Despair. From 2.3 onwards, the CT of Anlucia's Zapple has shortened a little.

Dragon Quest XI

The Hero will learn Zapple by steeling himself with the Courage skill tree. It costs 22 MP to cast and will deal 146~166 to a group of enemies, with the maximum damage hitting for 314~344.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Zapple's base damage is 85~95, and will reach its limit of 209~231 once the caster's wisdom hits 699. It costs 6 MP to cast, and is learned via the following skill sets: Bang & Zap, Bang & Zap II, Cleric, Crack & Zap, Crack & Zap II, Crusader, Dragovian Lord, Frizz & Zap, Frizz & Zap II, Sage, White Knight, Woosh & Zap, Woosh & Zap II, Wulfspade, Wulfspade II.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2

Zapple has the same aspects as in the previous game, and can be taught through the following sets: Frizz & Zap, Frizz & Zap 2, Bang & Zap, Bang & Zap 2, Woosh & Zap, Woosh & Zap 2, Crack & Zap, Crack & Zap 2, White Knight, Crusader, Cleric, Wulfspade, Wulfspade 2, Dragovian Lord, Sizz & Zap, Sizz & Zap 2.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

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