Zenithians are a recurring race in the Dragon Quest series. Specifically, they appeared in the "Zenithia trilogy," to which they indirectly lend their name.

They live in the sky in Zenithia with the Master Dragon, whom they serve. Zenithians are quite insular and prefer to avoid contact with outsiders if they can help it. However, there have been instances of Zenithians falling out of the clouds or otherwise descending to earth. Zenithians have been known to associate with elves and keep dragons as pets. Being great scholars and in such close contact with the Master Dragon, Zenithians naturally understand a great deal about the world and its affairs, history, and cosmic mechanics.

Physically, Zenithians greatly resemble angels, each having a set of swan-like wings on their backs. It can also be gathered that they are fairly powerful magicians. They share many similarities to the Celestrians from Dragon Quest IX. Such as being winged enlightened beings who reside above the clouds.



It is implied at several points throughout the game that the Hero is the son of a woodcutter and a Zenithian who fell from the sky.

Later on, the PC party is able to travel to Zenithia via the Tower of Heaven and hang out with the Zenithians there before moving on to Hell to complete the game.


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