Zing is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest III

Zing is introduced, learned by Erdrick at level 35, and Priest and Sages at level 24. It revives a party member to half their total HP, but only works half the time. It costs 10 MP to use, and is also used by Voodoogooders in battle.

Dragon Quest IV

Learned by the Hero at level 28, Meena at level 20 and Kiryl at level 21, it acts the same as in III, and is also used by Hell raisers in battle. In the remakes, it is also used by Foo Yung to try and revive Chow Mein.

Dragon Quest V

Zing is learned by the Hero at level 25, and is also learned by recruited King slimes, Slimes, Orc kings, Healslimes, Cureslimes, Old men of the sea, and Bomboulders. It is also used by King slimes, Orc kings, and Necromancers in battle.

Dragon Quest VI

Zing is learned by Nevan at level 13, Kingsley when he joins the party, and by mastering the Priest vocation. It is also used by Octavian sentries and Mortamor's Right Claw, as well as King slimes once again.

Dragon Quest VII

Zing is learned by Sir Mervyn at level 20, and by advancing to Rank 4 of the Dingbat vocation, as well as mastering the Priest vocation once again. It is also used by Wrecktors, Emperor slimes, Fright knights, and Major disasters in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

Zing is learned by the Hero and Angelo as they level up. Hero can reduce the MP cost to 4 MP once his Courage skill is raised high enough. It is also used by Bohes, Jabs, and Unholy bishops, as well as Orc kings and Octavian sentries once again.

Dragon Quest IX

Zing has a roughly 50% chance to bring back a deceased party member. It is available to Priests at level 18, Minstrels and Rangers at level 24, and Sages at level 20. It is also used by Scourgettes and Wight priests, as well as Fright knights once again.

Dragon Quest X

Zing is learned by Priests and Sages at level 32, Rangers at level 38, Minstrels at level 43, and Death Masters at level 67. It is also used by Dandelion fluffs, Basaranas, Holly Olivers, Wailin' weeds, Dessert demons, Hell's stewards, as well as Emperor slimes, Orc kings, and Scourgettes once again. It is also learned by investing 32 skill points into a recruited Chimaera's Chimaera Healing skill tree and 12 skill points into a recruited Healslime's Huimin Style Recovery skill tree.

Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Warrior Monsters

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2

Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

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