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Zoom is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series. It allows for instantaneous transportation to previously visited locales. The amount of MP it costs tends to change from time to time, but the functionally remains the same.


Allows for instantaneous transport to previously visited locales. It usually cannot be used while indoors, although there are a few exceptions. While originally only allowing to return to settlements and cities, most modern titles and remakes have also allowed to Zoom to previously visited dungeons and caves


Dragon Quest[]

Making its debut alongside the series, it is learned by the Hero at level 13 and requires 8 MP to cast.

However, it is only able to transport the Hero back to Tantegel Castle.

Dragon Quest II[]

Learned by the Prince of Cannock at level 10, it costs 8 MP to cast once again.

Until the release of the mobile phone version in 2014, Zoom would only return the party to the location where the player last saved their game.

Location list[]

Dragon Quest III[]

Acting mostly the same, it is learned by the Hero at level 7 and both Mages and Sages at level 12, costing 8 MP to cast once again. From this game onwards, the player can choose the destination they've already registered.

The Hero can learn it for battle with the use of a glitch, though to use it prevents the spell from being learnt in the field.

Location list[]



Dragon Quest IV[]

Acting the same as in III, it is learned by the Hero at level 7, Borya at level 9, and Maya at level 8, and is already known by Psaro upon joining in the remakes. The destination list resets after each chapter. It is also used by a Minidemon to chase after Torneko Taloon at Pharos Beacon, though it hits its head and falls unconscious, as well as Psaro after giving his speech to his army at Diabolic Hall, marking the first time it is used by characters other than the Hero and their party.

Location list, Chapter 1 (reacheable with a Chimaera wing)[]

Location list, Chapter 2[]

Location list, Chapter 3 (reacheable with a Chimaera wing)[]

Location list, Chapter 4[]

Location list, Chapter 5 and 6[]

Dragon Quest V[]

Name Level
Hero *
Daughter 5
Old man of the sea 10
Hawk man 13
Chimaera 24
Beastmaster 30
Starkers 40

Acting the same as in previous appearances once again, the Hero learns Zoom after helping Prof. Toilen Trubble with his research in the town of Zoomingale, and this event is required to advance the plot. None of the other party members that can learn the spell are encountered until after this. Some previously visited locations need to be revisited a second time after aquiring the spell in order to add them to the possible destination list.

The spell is used as a plot device at certain events, such as if the Hero marries Nera or Debora, and is later used by his daughter Madchen to carry him home after rescuing him. This marks the first installment that used a spell as a plot event. From this game onwards, it can no longer be used in battle.

Location list[]

Of all the proper settlements, Stockenbarrel is the only one not reachable through Zoom, requiring to take the land-locked boat at Mostroferrato in order to reach it.

Dragon Quest VI[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances once again, it is learned by Ashlynn and the Hero at level 8 and by Mercury at level 5, while other characters can learn it by advancing to either rank 3 of the Mage vocation or rank 4 of the Liquid Metal Slime vocation, costing 1 MP to cast.

In the remakes after unlocking access to Alltrades Abbey, the spell can be upgraded by Madame Luca Luminista to enable travel between both the Real and Dream Worlds.

Dragon Quest VII[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances once again, it is learned by the Hero at level 8 and is already known by Sir Mervyn when he joins the party, in addition to being learned by Mages at Rank 3, costing 1 MP to cast once again.

Compared to before, Zoom is less versatile, as it can only be used while in the present time; in order to reach a specific past of a region, the corresponding tablet at the Shrine of Mysteries, must be used, and once there travel is strictly restricted to on-foot, as the spell will outright fail, making traversing the past versions of the regions more difficult.

Location list[]

Dragon Quest VIII[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances once again, it is learned by the Hero after investing 8 points into his Courage skill tree and is already learned by Angelo when he joins the party, costing 1 MP to cast once again.

Location list[]

Dragon Quest IX[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances once again, it is learned exclusively by the Hero after revisiting the Observatory and interacting with Yggdrasil. Unlike earlier games, it costs no MP to cast.

Location list[]

Dragon Quest X[]

Unlike previous games, Zoom cannot be learned, due to the spell having been lost to the sands of time, though it can be utilized, in a more limited fashion, via Zoomstones; said Zoomstones, of which there are a limited total number, can only be acquired by completing certain sidequests, or rarely story key points.

Like tradition, using a Zoomstone or one of its variants while indoor will make the Hero crash on the cealing; however, the Offline version offers a sidequest that allows to use a Zoomstone indoors without repercussions.

By going in a Church, each Zoomstone can be binded to certain key locations of the town in which said church is located, with a cooldown of 15 real world minutes between each change; furthermore, dungeons and outside-town key locations have usually a Zoomethyst, which was originally a priestess before it was changed, that permits to set a Zoomstone to said location. Another way to Zoom around the world, is by locating three certain Bazoom witches; found in three of the major cities across Astoltia, each Bazoom witch can cast Bazoom for a small price and send the Hero to the selected, previously visited, location, however, this service, unless is used to Bazoom to one of the five continent, Lendor or Luckland, can only be used up to 3 times for each real-world day, and only by Version 5 completing one episode of a certain sidequest would remove said limit for Rendacia, while for Nagaland the limit would stay to this day. A total of 19 ordinary Zoomstones, which can be set to various locations, can be collected, with an additional 8 more special Zoomstones, marked by a blue-colored text, which only warp to specific and often unique locations.

Two of these unique Zoomstones, are required to respectively reach the personal house bought by the Hero on Lendor and to reach the Asfeld School, where a school life scenario takes place.

Overall, this fast-travel system was severly limited compared to the past, even when combined with the network of peddler's carriages posted outside major cities, which can transport the Hero to nearby already visited areas.

Eventually, a Mega Zoomstone, said to be closer to the original ancient spell Zoom than the regular Zoomstones, was introduced in Version 3, and can be acquired through a sidequest that becomes available as soon as 6 regular, not pre-set, Zoomstones are obtained; this Mega Zoomstone can register permanently every major settlement on Astoltia, including the Orgreede of 500 years ago and later on, some of the areas of the Great Etene Island; the Mega Zoomstone can also be further upgraded through two respective sidequests to include the locations found on Rendacia, both the true and false one, and Nagaland. While the Mega Zoomstone does not store minor locations and dungeons like a regular Zoomstone, nor can transport to the Hero's house or Asfeld School, this new item, combined with the regular and special Zoomstones, the services of the Bazoom witches, particularly after their limit is lifted, and the peddler's carriages network from Version 1 and Version 2, significantly improved the fast-travel capabilities around the five continents and Rendacia.

Following in the Mega Zoomstone's footsteps, Version 4, Version 5, and Version 6, all introduced items that allows the Hero to fast travel to all the locations related to the respective expansions: the Time-Trotter's Trinket allows to reach each locations set in different time periods, the Abyss Jewel allows to Zoom all around the Netherworld, and the Soul Candlelabra allows fast-travel to locations connected to Tenseikyo, all without the limitations of a regular Zoomstone, although, like regular Zoomstones, all of these fast-travel items first need to have a location binded to them by interacting with special objects on-site, similarly to how a Zoomethyst works.

Version 7, alongside the item necessary to zoom across Zenias, the Star Seal Crystal, also introduced the Bazoomstone, an evolved version of the Mega Zoomstone which replicates the effect of the Bazoom casted by the Bazoom Witches, expanding the number of memorized locations to the ones previously only reacheable with either a regular Zoomstone or Bazoom. As of Version 7.0 however, the Bazoomstone only added to the fast-travel menu any previously visited location belonging to a Version 1 region, meaning any locale located on the five continents of Wenna Islands, Dwachakka, Orgreede, Eltona, and Pukland, as well as Lendor and Luckland.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Acting the same as in previous appearances once again, it is learned by the Luminary via Veronica teaching him the spell before leaving Hotto in Act I and costs no MP to cast once again. Unlike other Dragon Quest games in the usual 3D Mode of the game, it can be used indoors in dungeons and buildings without getting hit on the head, though in the 2D Mode of the 3DS and Definitive Edition, the Luminary will still hit his head in the ceiling in those places as always.

Location list, Act III, 3D mode[]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

Zoom is one of the spells that can be used by the Hero through his Down special, Command Selection. This costs 8 MP to use and allows the Hero to quickly fly back to the main platform of the stage, provided he isn't obstructed by a ceiling overhead.

Dragon Quest Tact[]

Learned by the Scion of Erdrick via his Character Builder, it moves him to a selected square of his choice, costing 40 MP to cast, though it can only be used once and upgrading the spell reduces MP cost.

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

Learned from Gragwort shortly before visiting Silvea, the homeland of the Elves, Zoom works differently than traditionally: instead to allowing to travel freely across the world, which is instead accomplished thanks to the Stonecloud, Zoom is strictly used to quickly move around keypoints in the action maps; furthermore, not only it can be used without fear of hitting the cealing, only Luceus and Aurora can learn the technique.

In order to zoom to a specific point, first the corresponding Zoomethyst must be activated; once done so, the zoom point will carry over to all subsequent visits to the same map, even across different missions. However, depending on the mission, the same action map may have less or more Zoomethysts available, with some maps receiving additional Zoomehysts during the later stages of the story.

While most action maps have at least one or two Zoomethyst to Zoom to, both the Pillar of Light and the Isle of the Fault completely lack said travel points, making them more difficult to traverse.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

For the most part, Zoom works pretty much like the previous title, although with a few key differences:

Zoomethysts can be found in all Wild Zones of the Seven Realms (Harba, Dunisia, Ingenia, Kadava, Klor, and Al-Khazam), expect for the Dark World. A Zoomethyst can be activated even before obtaining the Zoomstone from the High King prior to visiting Dunisia, allowing to preventily store fast travel locations for later use of the leading hero, either Lazarel or Teresa, to Zoom to any Zoomethyst they find in the Seven Realms.

While in a War Zone, Zooming is restricted to only the attuned areas within said War Zone, while in a Wild Zone, Zoom can used to reach all other Wild Area Zoomethyst, although being under cealings will cause to hit it with your head.

Interestingly, in the english localization, the terms "Zoomstone" and "Zoomethyst" are inverted: instead of using a Zoomstone for travelling to an attuned Zoomethyst, its a Zoomethyst used to travel to an attuned Zoomstone.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[]

Zoom is learned by Monty once Psaro is ready to tackle his first Monster Megabrawl at Endor's colosseum. Zoom can be used anywhere, and will transport Psaro and his team in any previously visited key location or useful travel point.

Zoom can even be used to reach Zenithia, once visited during the story, as well as any Circles and Echelons of Nadiria, although before doing so, the corresponding Travellite must have been first used to reach said location and at least one step outside the Rosehill Tower, teleported to this new area, must have been taken.

Other adaptations[]

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai[]

Thanks to Matoriv, the young mage Popp trains inside the lake to learn Zoom. Popp arrives just in time to participate in the mission to destroy the two towers, after learning both Zoom and Sizzle. In the occasion, Popp also figured out how to cast a variation of Zoom, the spell Levizoom.


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  • Chapters 55 and 56 of The Adventure of Dai elaborate on Zoom and explain it as the ability to go to a place if you can form an image of it in your mind.
  • In Dragon Quest V, it's suggested that transporting too many people with this spell at once causes physical strain or even unconsciousness, as the Hero blacks out after transporting the entire wedding entourage from Mostroferrato to the Ventuno Casino Ship.

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