Zoomingale is a location in Dragon Quest V. It is located west of Lodestar Harbor and it is where the Hero learns the Zoom spell.


The Hero's party travels to Zoomingale to learn the Zoom spell

Nearby enemies

Weapon shop

Item Price Attributes
Saw Blade 1200 G +27 ATK
Sledgehammer 1800 G +30 ATK
Steel Broadsword 2000 G +33 ATK
Steel Fangs 2000 G +35 ATK Monsters only
Serpent Sword 3900 G +42 ATK

Armor shop

Item Price Attributes
Full Plate Armor 2300 G +30 DEF
Tortoise Shell 2500 G +33 DEF
Iron Helmet 1100 G +16 DEF
Iron Mask 3500 G +25 DEF
Scale Shield 180 G +7 DEF
Magic Shield 3400 G +22 DEF deflects fire/ice magic

Item shops

Item Price Attributes
Medicinal Herb 8 G restores 30-40 HP
Antidotal Herb 10 G cures poison
Holy Water 20 G wards off weaker enemies for awhile
Chimera Wing 25 G return to any previous zoom location
Moonwort Bulb 30 G cure paralysis
Monster Munchies 200 G distracts a monster when used


15 G

Locked doors

Key Type Info


Item Location
Mini Medal inside a pot upstairs in the Inn
Mini Medal inside a pot to the right of the church
Tombola Ticket inside a barrel in the bar
Seed of Magic left room of the church
T'N'T Ticket left room of the church
Seed of Agility in a pot to the right of the church

Other notable attributes

   Save icon    This is a location where the game can be saved.

   Zoom icon    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.

   Lottery icon    The lottery can be played at this location.

   Party icon Party members can be exchanged at this location.

   Monster icon   Monster companions can be exchanged at this location.

   Casino icon   This location includes a casino or other gambling facility.

   Bank icon    This location includes a bank or vault.

   Attribute icon    This is a location where party members can change class.

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