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Zulpon is a character in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai.


She is a purple-haired woman, with purple eyes and fair skin tone. She wears a Dragon Quest III priest attire, consisting of a blue hat with yellow lining and christian cross on its centre (a mitre), skin tight orange shirt and trousers (Trinity tights), with a yellow belt, yellow gloves (Minister's mittens) and boots (Blessed boots) and a poncho with yellow lining and Christian cross motif (surplice).

She is seen without her mitre in some ocasions, one is while arriving at Romos castle to save Derolin from Dai. Another is while at the inn at night and another is after losing it after the explosion in Ohzame.

In the 2020 anime, her hair is blue, reminiscent of the Dragon Quest III priestess. The cross on her mitre and surplice have been changed to a three-edged star to match the one that has been used since Dragon Quest IX to avoid Christian references. Her boots and belt have been changed to brown. Her garments are not skin-tight.


Like the rest of the Fake Heroes, Zulpon is a coward and arrogant person that tries to act politely just to look like an exemplar hero and then show its true colors after tricking its victims. She always tries to seduce the enemies to gain advantage. She is the cleverest of her band, making her more leader-like than Derlolin.


Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai[]

In the past she though that would be fun to leave home and travel around the world, but conversely has had several encounters with the demon king army.

Birth Arc[]

She appears at the first story arc, travelling to Dermlin Island with the rest of the Fake Heroes looking for the Golden Metal Slime (Dai's partner Gomechan).

After being scared by the monster of the island, Zulpon had the idea to ask Dai for a tour (who was thinking they were real heroes). While Dai went to get Gome-chan, Brass noticed their evil aura and accused them of being charlatans. With their identity revealed, the Fake Heroes attacked the innocent monsters and kidnapped Gome while Zulpon knocked Dai away with Woosh.

The band gave the Golden Metal Slime to the King as a present, not knowing of the source of the gift and offering gold and a party at the castle as a reward for their acts.


Zurbon being questioned by Dai

While shopping clothes, Zulpon is kidnapped and dragged to a cottage by Dai, who had come to the city accompanied with his monster friends. After refusing to tell Gome's whereabouts, Dai removes her pants and boots and tickles the soles of her feet with an antnibbler until she decides to tell that Gome will be at the castle during the party at night. She also tells Dai her companions' weaknesses.

Later, a still tied-up, barefoot and pantsless Zulpon seduces the warden slimes and escapes. She arrives at the climax of Dai's battle with Derolin, where the latter is about to lose. Her plans backfire when the slimes fuse into a king slime and slam her, giving Dai the opportunity to capture Derolin inside a monster capsule.


Zurbon seducing the slimes

In the 2020 version she fights Dai and the monster at the boat on the first episode alongside her companions. She is defeated the same way as in the original.

Gathering Arc[]

Zulpon later reappears at a hotel room during Crocodine's invasion. Along with the rest of the Fake Heroes, pretending to be real heroes again, saying that they are doing a honest job this time by killing monster and receiving gifts from the people by doing so, although they are only doing this by defeating weak monsters. They spend the night playing poker with Dai's party.


By the next day, in the morning Crocodine invades the city with the furfang legion looking for Dai, the Fake heroes, in their pijamas, run to Dai's room to see what is happening. Dai runs alone to the castle to face Crocodine, while the Zulpon, Maam, Popp and the others. After dressing up, only Maam is resolved to go help Dai, while Popp and Fake Heroes were too afraid to go. Maam punches Popp sending him flying at the wall. As Maam goes to the castle, Deroline says that she is crazy.

Masopho after returning from stealing some treasure, returns to the hotel room and shows Popp through his Crystal Ball how his friends are being defeated at the castle. After Popp musters his courage to go save his friends and depart from the inn, Zulbon and Deroline say to Masopho that he sent the boy to his death, but Masopho says that he will be fine, because Popp is a real hero unlike them.

After Dai's party victory over Crocodine, Zulpon and the rest of the Fake Heroes watch Dai's celebration, Zulpon even teasing Deroline that he was weaker than Dai now.

In the 1991 anime version, some filler episodes show the Fake Heroes pretending to be Dai's party and trying to get some free food and gifts.

Holy Sword Arc[]

The Fake Heroes decide to go to Papnica to participate in the reunion of the world's lasting governours, while Zulpon is the most determined to them becoming real heroes. On their way, however her excitement is shattered when they see the Sovereign Rock Castle on the sea and flee in fear. They watch from far away as the giant attacks Papnica.


Holy Ordeal Arc[]

Zulpon is hidden with Derolin in a igloo at Ohzame, shaking in cold while Masopho and Herohero are fishing. A Tower of Vearn is thrown near their location, sending the flying.

Flash of Light Arc[]

Zulpon and her companions hear Dai's wish to help to save the world and stop Vearn's plan, by destroying the Northern Tower's Black Core. She hangs at Herohero's black while climbing the tower. Unfortunately the black core was guarded by a Jamirus and the Fake heroes were way too scared to face it. That's when a weakened Matoriv appears and kills the monster.

It's then revealed that Masopho and Matoriv studied together, but somehow due to his cowardness Masopho's life turned way different than his former colleague. Motivated by Matoriv, Masopho mustered his courage and confidence to destroy the Black Core by casting a combined Crack with Zulpon and Derolin.

Zulpon is seen with her companions again working under the great sage Matoriv during the epilogue.


Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai  
Spell Level Learnt
Woosh unknown
Heal unknown
Crack unknown


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